Bukit Laksamana to Western Hill and Tiger Hill

The first part of this hike, Chin Farm Waterfall to Bukit Laksamana is described on this page so I skip it here except for a very brief note.

Batu Ferringhi Dam

Start in Batu Ferringhi with the trail to the Chin Farm Waterfall and take the wide trail to your right (before the falls). This goes to the Batu Ferringhi Dam which when I hiked Western Hill was open. After crossing, hike up by using the main trail. On the way there are junctions, ignore them. Bukit Laksamana could be reached in about 4 hours.

Teluk Bahang Recreational Forest track

Additional, you can start at the Teluk Bahang Recreational Park, walk towards the waterfall at the far end of the park and follow the signboards to Bukit Bendera.

Bukit Laksamana

The path to Western Hill
At the top, continue straight (left leads to the Tropical Fruit Farm). The trail descents steeply but you ain’t seen nothing yet. After several minutes it ascends and quickly descends again. On the way down there’s a notification board which says you’re entering a dangerous area.

To Western Hill

Nothing is said too much. You’re entering a seriously dangerous area. Along the trail there are ropes, single on one side, multiple on the other to help you going down. But even so it’s difficult and dangerous.

To Western HillTo Western Hill

To Western Hill

The descend is serious business. But once you’re down, the troubles are over, at least for a while. The rain gauge (or what is left of it) at the bottom is the start for a gradual climb up to Western Hill. After a minute there’s a junction, take the lefy which climbs up. There’s a lot of birds here. You might be lucky to see wild boar or squirrels.

Shortcut to Tiger Hill

To follow the shortcut to Tiger Hill, follow the blue paint on the trees. It will lead to an area with lots of fallen/cut trees, turn slightly left and go around the fallen trees area. A bit further you’ll find a small creek with excellent drinking water after which the path in 15 minutes lead to Tiger Hill/Tiger Valley.

To Western Hill

Several times you may think the top isn’t too far but remember, the descend from Bukit Laksamana is (in altitude) 300 meters. And as Western Hill is the highest top in Penang, you have to climb those 300 meters again.

To Western HillTo Western Hill

After some time climbing a descend starts. It goes very steep down to a well. The water is cool (right photo above). But after passing the stream, it goes steep up. Again ropes are handy tools.

To Western HillTo Western Hill

It takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the Summit Road. Turn left and you will enter the restricted area of Western Hill so you’re only option is to turn right: to Tiger Hill and Penang Hill.

The junction to Tiger Hill is only 10 minutes away. Should you decide to continue this way, know it takes about an hour and a half to reach 5 Way Junction and another hour and a half to reach Air Itam Dam and Air Itam or another 2 hours to reach Balik Pulau.

Batu Ferringhi Map

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