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Yongfu to Yangshuo

Who would travel from Yongfu to Yangshuo? Few travelers make it to Yongfu. There's no reason to visit too. The scenery is not particularly interesting, no exciting minority culture to explore nor any specific handicraft to buy. Why did I come here?

Yongfu to Yangshuo
Just outside Yongfu, a nice early morning shot to the north

I had come from Rong'an. In Xinglongun I had decided not to continue to Guilin but instead keep following the river to Yongfu. It had been a rewarding bike ride. Yongfu was the logic stop, about 35 km south west of Guilin at the G72 highway which connects Guilin with Liuzhou.

Yongfu to Yangshuo
On the road from Yongfu to Yangshuo

I had spend the night in Yongfu but I was not planning to spend much time here. I had a hotel near the highway entrance and had some excellent food in the evening but apart of that there wasn't much that made me enthusiastic.

Yongfu to Yangshuo

In the morning I took the road to Luojin. It lead me through the heart of the city quickly to the countryside. To my surprise a signboard already showed Yangshuo, 70 km away.

Yongfu to Yangshuo
Looking south on the road from Yangshuo to Yongfu

The first kilometers went slightly up but in general the road to Luojin and further east followed the northern karst mountains of the Yangshuo area. Thus, to my right it was scenic while to my left (north) it was all flat.

Yongfu to Yangshuo

I knew this road would lead me to the G321, the Guilin-Yangshuo road. It was only 25 km or so. It was a pleasant cool morning ride. I admit, it's not an essential ride, but I had to go to Yangshuo, so why not try to make it as pleasant as possible?

The road passes the Guilin University before ending at the G321. There were probably small roads leading through the mountains south, I found a junction to Xiaodong, but I knew this would be a dead end. A bit further on there was supposedly a junction to Laozhai from where I expected you could cycle south, but for some reason I missed that.

Yongfu to Yangshuo

Back on the G321, I did know I could easily cycle a bit on the main road to Yongshan and get off here in the direction of Jinbao but for some reason after a few kilometers I was back on the G321. Oh well, if I was not destined to find the "shortcut", I would do that a next time. Putao was nearby and Yangshuo was only 22 km away.

The idea was now to continue to Yangshuo and come back in one of the next days to explore more. However, problems with my bicycle prevented me doing so. Thus that has to happen another time.

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