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Vietnam Auctions : Guidebooks and DVD's

Children in SappaOur Vietnam Auctions offer you a series of good and cheap auctions all related.

As Vietnam is a popular destination for travelers and cyclists alike, you will want to make yourself familiar with the country, it habits, the food, the history and more.

I went twice to Vietnam, and I really liked it. But you will want to bring your travel guide, even if it is to sort out to get an idea about prices.

Outside the tourist areas this is not a problem, but in cities like Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An and Saigon, it might be different.

Here is what we have in our Vietnam auctions:

Lonely Planet Vietnam


Rough Guide Vietnam

Insight Guides Vietnam

Assorted DVD's about Vietnam

Vietnam War

Vietnamese cooking

Vietnam Maps

Hoi An Antiques

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Cycling in Vietnam

Vietnam, heavy populated but bicycle friendly in most areas is an excellent way to spend some weeks experiencing the diversity of the country. Culture, natural beauty, wonderful food, it's all there.

Cycling in Vietnam