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Vientiane Nong Khai

It's 24 km from Vientiane to Nong Khai.And apart of the border crossing there is not much to tell about this road. The town of Nong Khai is 3 km from the customs service. From the bridge to Vientiane is another 18 km or so. If you come from Thailand, you may consider a visit to the Buddha park, 7 km east of the Friendship.

Vietntiane, Pha That Luang
Vientiane, Pha That Luang

Visa for Laos can be obtained at the border and should cost $30 for 30 days (and not $10 as the official Laos website claims). The process is fast and easy. And if you need a visa for Thailand, this is also available at the border. Nong Khai has not much to offer, so you may consider not even stay here.


And if you do not even want to cycle to Nong Khai, the railway station is a kilometer from the Friendship bridge with a comfortable overnight train to and from Bangkok.

Buddha park near Vientiane Laos
The strange collection of statues in the Buddha park in Laos, near Vientiane

Be aware that coming from Vientiane, there are hardly signs on the road. The best way is, as usual, to follow the biggest road. And in doubt: ask! However, it's pretty straightforward.

Naga at the entrance of a temple

Vientiane near That Luang

If you have some time left, you may find it worth to visit the Buddha park. This somewhat strange collection of statues is 8 km from the airport and 26 from Vientiane. If you come from south Laos (or you're on the way south) you will pass the park. It's worth a visit. The Lao name for the park is: Xiang Khouan.

Barbeque at the Mekong in Vientiane
Barbeque at the Mekong in Vientiane

You are allowed to cross the bridge by bicycle. I found no one hindering me when I crossed the bridge.

Vientiane, Arc de Triumph

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Goodbye Laos, Friendship bridge at Nongkhai
Goodbye Laos, Friendship bridge at Nongkhai

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