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The vicinity of Ubud (day 3)
Exploring the countryside

When I woke up I knew it was time to explore the vicinity of Ubud. Outside one of the family members was preparing an offer in the garden shrine. I sat outside while they brought me breakfast.

The garden of the homestay and the view from my room
The garden of the homestay and the view from my room

The plan was simple: get the bike and do a few hours in the vicinity of Ubud. In some ways it's easier said than done as most roads go north-south and there's not a lot connecting them from east to west.

My map gave me a few clues and after another coffee I left Ubud on the east side. The idea was to visit Gyanyar and from there to Bangli. Road that lead east-west are usually going up and down, sometimes quite steep too.

cycling in the vicnity of Ubud cycling in the vicnity of Ubud
The vicinity of Ubud has plenty of extraordinary sights.

My last visit to Bali had been in 1999, now, 11 years later the countryside of Bali seems to have changed not at all. Outside Ubud town it was like a time warp. Life went on as it had been for hundreds of years.

cycling in the vicnity of Ubud
The small streets of the villages are almost untouched by the modern world

I visited some temples, felt the spirit of Bali all around me and reached Gyanyar. The town didn't have a lot of appeal to me

Again, outside Gyanyar I was back in the vicinity of Ubud's countryside. Soon I was on the road to Bangli. But form here it went quite fast uphill, from 200 meter altitude to almost 900 meter.

Temples of Ubud vicinity

Bangli was enough for me for the day. I decided to back and enjoy an easy afternoon in Ubud strolling around at the market. As much difficulty as I had cycling uphill, as smooth it went downhill. Soon I had finished my third day of my cycling across Bali journey.

It was time to relax and  prepare for the next day, the bicycle ride to Mount Batur,  Singaraya and Lovina.

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