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I have loads of memories of Turkey. And you will have them once you have visited. When I cycled Turkey I had the Lonely Planet Turkey with me which was one of the very best I ever used.

I came back from Iran in February. While the south of Iran had been warm, the north was under a pack of snow. I had cycled the last km to the border of Turkey being very sick.

Fatos and Derhan in Istanbul Turkey

The idea was to visit my friends Fatos and her daughter Derhan. They, so I hoped could help me finding a doctor and get me healthy again.

So in Dogubayazit I took a bus back to Istanbul. On arrival at the camp side where Fatos and Derhan had their home, they were shocked to see me.

I had lost 20kg in 3 months time. The next day we visited a doctor, and I was staying a day in hospital. It turned out I had a salmonella and an amoeba bacteria in my body. I knew I had picked that up in south Pakistan, but that was months back.

Now I was at the point my body couldn't heal me anymore without help. I ended up on an infuse for 12 hours and was not allowed to eat more than toast, cooked chicken and carrots for 2 weeks. The doctor would tell me later I probably wouldn't have survived without medical help in another few weeks. I owe Fatos and Derhan my life.

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