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Travel to Lhasa and Tibet


Getting there and away

The easiest way to reach Lhasa is by flight. Lhasa has an international airport, although it only receives international flights from Nepal (people in tours only). Many destinations in China have Lhasa as an end destination. It might be difficult to get flight tickets in China. Best option is to go through a local travel agent and the easiest places are Beijing, Xi'an, Kunming and Chengdu.

The train from Chengdu is another alternative. It's a very long though spectacular way though. Cycling is possible but only if you are lucky to obtain a travel permit. Chengdu is a good option (you can try to reach Peter Snow in Chengdu from

You can try your luck and sneak into Tibet. It's not impossible but be prepared if caught to pay a fine, depending on who you are dealing with this can be a huge sum or a small fee.


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