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Usually travelers go out on the road with a good travel guide. Our Travel Guide Auction offers the best and cheapest travel guide books and dvd's available on the internet. We sorted them out per country. We hope you find them useful.

One of the things about guidebooks is that they're always out of date. So, does that really matter for a traveler? To answer that question we have to look at the different types of travelers: Backpackers, tour group travelers and cyclists.

Backpackers in general will travel from one interesting destination to another. This means that the destinations, usually interesting for tourists need to be in a guidebook.

Tour group travelers, either on bicycle or not, have usually done their homework already at home. If it is a full organized tour some choose not to use a guidebook as they have a guide available. Others will bring a guidebook with more background information (Insight Guides are great for this purpose).

Cyclists usually travel from tourist destination to tourist destination but due to the speed, they will see more of the country and stay in places few backpackers and tour group travelers see. For them a guidebook is usually less important.

View from the "bungalow" to the lakesideMy personal experience is that during backpacking and tour group travel I used guidebooks and found them handy. Good guidebooks are Lonely Planet or Rough Guides for on the road. For more background info I found the glossy Insight Guides excellent.

Very useful for all travelers are language books. Personally I like the Lonely Planet language books as they're small and easy carrying.

Michelin city guides can be an excellent add on to your bag.

The set back of a guidebook is that they're usually minimum 6 months out of date. This means the most up to date info about hotels, prices etc. can be no longer accurate. I don't think it's much of a problem. If you travel on your own, you will be creative enough to use the guidebook as a guideline and not as a law you have to follow.

I have been using them extensively in my travels especially when backpacking. During my first long bicycle journey I had Lonely Planet guidebooks and after some time, I threw them away as I never used them because the info I needed was seldom in the books.

What follows here is a travel guide auction. Per page I will add some little anecdotes and stories related to guidebooks you may find useful.



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