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Train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou East

If Hong Kong is your entrance in Asia for going into China, then you can take the train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou to avoid the first unpleasant part. Trust me, the road from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is NO fun. (see my Hong Kong story).

You are able to board a direct train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou East Railway Station instead of first going to Shenzhen and take a bus or train there.

Trains leave in Hong Kong at Hung Hom railways station in Kowloon. Some will stop in Dong Guan.

Tickets can be purchase in Guangzhou at: Intercity Passenger Services Center at East Rail Hung Hom Station

In Hong Kong you can get your tickets at:

  • Intercity Passenger Services Center at East Rail Hung Hom Station 20 mins before train departure
  • Ticket Office at East Rail Mong Kok, Kowloon Tong and Sha Tin Stations 1 hour before train departure
  • Customer Services Center at West Rail Tin Shui Wai Station
  • Light Rail Tuen Mun Ferry Pier Terminus

Hong Kong to Guangzhou East Railway Station

Train No.   Hung Hom DongGuan(ChangPing)   Guangzhou East   Seat Class   Fare Train Type
T824 07:30 08:36/08:38 09:15 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T826 08:25   10:07 First / Special     HKD190/230 KTT
T828 09:25 10:31 / 10:33 11:10 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T812 11:00 12:06 / 12:08 12:45 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T802 12:15   13:47 Special HKD230 High Speed
T814 13:25 14:33/14:35 15:15 First / Special     HKD190/230 KTT
T816 15:26 16:32/16:34 17:11 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T818 16:38 17:44/17:48 18:25 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T804 17:15   18:47 Special HKD230 High Speed
T820 18:06   19:48 First / Special     HKD190/230 KTT
T822 19:15 20:21 / 20:23 21:00 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed

Guangzhou East to Hong Kong (Hung Hom)

 Train No. Guangzhou East DongGuan(ChangPing)     Hung Hom    Seat Class Fare Train Type
T811 08:35 09:12/09:16 10:22 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T801 09:40 10:13/ 0:15 11:20 Special HKD230 High Speed
T813 10:55   12:37 First / Special     HKD190/230 KTT
T361 11:50 12:27/12:31 13:38    First HKD180 Semi-high Speed
T815 13:00 13:37/13:41 14:47 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T817 14:00 14:37/14:42 15:48 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T803 14:53   16:25 Special HKD230 High Speed
T819 15:45 16:25/16:28 17:36 First / Special     HKD190/230 KTT
T821 16:55 17:32/17:35 18:41 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T823 18:20 18:57/19:01 20:07 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed
T825 20:20 21:00/21:04 22:15 First / Special     HKD190/230 KTT
T827 21:23   23:00 First HKD190 Semi-high Speed

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