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Tours in Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) is one of the least visited countries in Asia. The Tours in Myanmar offer you the chance to explore this amazingly beautiful country in detail. These tours offer several mainstream tours but also several off the beaten track tours to areas few foreigner ever visited.

Inle Lake Myanmar BurmaMyanmar In Style (7D/6N)

The Myanmar in Style tour of a week is the most luxurious of all tours in Myanmar.

The tour starts in Yangon with visits to many pagodas including the Shwedagon and Sule Pagodas

Further you will visit Inle Lake with it's minority people. This will be followed by a visit to Bagan and the countless temples which are scattered over the plains. Magic!

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Bike & Trek The Shan Hills (7D/6N)

East Burma is the mountainous part of Myanmar. With the Bike & Trek the Shan Hills you will explore this beautiful part of Myanmar. You will start your journey in Heho, from where you'll cycle to Kalaw, a former British Hill Station.

Floating market in Inle Lake, Iwama

At Iwama floating market

Continue onward on foot as you take a four-day trek to the small town of Pindaya. Along the way you will visit villages home to Danu, Palaung, Shan, and Pa-O people who are all have been living on this land for generations. These people have preserved their culture through the centuries. You will be not only be amazed by their culture but also by their friendliness and warm welcome.

From Pindaya, take a short drive to Nyaung Shwe, one of a handful of towns along the banks of the immense Inle Lake. The lake is home to many Intha families, who live entirely on stilted villages, their crops grown on cleverly suspended floating gardens.

Essential Myanmar (8D/7N)

Bagan temple MyanmarThe core of Essential Myanmar is Yangon with the triangle Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay.

The journey starts in Yangon with visits to many temples and explore the city centers history.

Transport to Bagan goes by flight. Via Mandalay and Amarapura you will finally go to the Inle Lake and the minorities living here.

The journey ends where it began: Yangon

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Hidden Treasure of Myanmar: Mawlamein & Hpa An (5D/4N)

Mawlamein in soutb MyanmarThe Hidden Treasure tour of Myanmar is the most off the beaten track tour you can get in the country.

The tour bring you east of Yangon to the south, an area which is very little visited by tourist at all.

The journey starts in Yangon from which you depart to Mawlamein which will be your base for the next two days.

The second day will offer you a visit to Shampoo and Lilu Islands.

Than you will be leaving Mawlamein and go north to Hpa An. In the area are Buddha-filled caves and Mount Zwe Kabin, where Rudyard Kipling drew inspiration for his poem 'Mandalay'.

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The Lost City of Mrauk U (4D/3N)

Mrauk, MyanmarThe Lost City of Mrauk U is truly a lost city. Few travelers come here, even less know it even does exist.

In 1431, King Min Saw Mon established Mrauk U as the capital of the last unified Arakanese Kingdom. It was an important trading port with links to Portugal, the Netherlands, Arabia, Persia and India.

The city flourished with a population of 120.000 in the 16th century. After the decline the city got forgotten only to be re-discovered in recent times

In the true sense of the world, Mrauk U is an open air museum. A relic of the days that the kingdom was a center for arts, crafts and culture of the people of Rakhine. An off the beaten track tour.

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Village at the lakeThe Very Best Of Myanmar (13D/12N)

The Very Best Myanmar offers you all the highlights of Myanmar in almost 2 weeks.

You will see it all, from Yangon to the Golden Rock at Bago, Bagan, Mandalay with Amarapura and Inle Lake plus some unexpected surprises.

In Dien, Ava, Po Win Taung and Pakkoku belong to these surprises. This is the most perfect introduction into the beauty of Myanmar.

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Ngapali Beach Break (4D/3N)

Travel all the way deep into the west of Myanmar and enjoy a beach break at Ngapali beach. It's one of Myanmar's best-known beaches but it is also one of Asia's least visited.

Mesmerizing Loikaw (4D/3N)

Loikaw is an amazing place to visit. The area offers countless opportunities to meet many minority people.

The journey starts in Yangon. You will fly to Heho and visit Inle Lake with visits deeper in the state to Hpe Kom, Pin Laung and Kalaw. If it is mountains and hill tribe people is on your list of to explore, this tour is for you.

Crossing To Myanmar: Chiang Mai To Kengtung(5D/4N)

Inside a pagoda in MandalayAnother little visited area in Myanmar is the loop from Chiang Mai in Thailand to Kengtung.

This area contains lush jungle and colorful cultures. This is one of the few tours that cover Myanmar overland!

It starts all in Chiang Mai from where you move north to Chiang Dao and Thaton before you travel into the Golden Triangle.

From Tachileik you will go overland to Kengtung, about 150km north into Myanmar. This is Shane State with many mountains and rugged terrain, hill tribes and mostly unexplored areas.

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