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Three months I spend in Tibet, This page shows a selection of the photos I made when traveling in Tibet. Tibet is a very colorful country. Though occupied by the Chinese in 1959, the Tibetans despite the oppression have been able to keep their Buddhist religion and culture. In December and January many people come to Lhasa for prayers. Many of the photos shown here were made in Lhasa in December.

Sight on the Himalaya range
View over the Himalayas on the way to Gyantse

The center of Lhasa is always a very colorful place, but in these months it's even better. December is also the month when the weather is clear. Therefore it's a good time to travel in Tibet if you are interested in good views. The nights however will be below zero degrees Celsius. In the summer the views over the Himalayas is maybe less but there's still enough to enjoy. Be patient as this page may slow and have fun.

Old man in Lhasa
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Monk in Ganden monastery Around the Potala Tibetan villagers   Stupa in Lhasa

The plains on the way to Lhasa from Ali Potala, palace of the Dalai Llama

Left: The plains on the way to Lhasa from Ali
: Potala, palace of the Dalai Llama

on the way to Bayi Inside Jokhan temple

Left: On the way to Bayi
Right: Inside Jokhang temple

Potala seen from Jokhan temple, lhasa Barkhor square

Left: Potala seen from the roof of Jokhang temple, Lhasa
: Barkhor square

Rock paintings outside lhasa Barkhor square

Left: Rock paintings just outside Lhasa
: Barkhor square

Yaks on the Tibetan plains roof of the potala lhasa

Left: Yaks in west Tibet
Right: The roof of the Potala, Lhasa

On the way to Shigatse Praying at the Jokhang temple

Left: On the way to Shigatse
Right: Barkhor square, praying in front of Jokhang temple

Gyantse man in Gyantse
Left: Gyantse
Middle: Tibetan man in Gyantse

Inside the Potala
: Inside the Potala

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