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Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Kowloon"If you can't find it in Hong Kong, you don't need it in life." That is certainly true finding a way to spend your free time. There is little need for being bored in the Asian city that never sleeps.

So, what can you do here? Here is a list of activities. The Hong Kong Tourist Office is always a good starting point to sort out the latest things to do in town. If it is the Space Museum, a concert or a street performance, the tourism office will know the details. You will find them right at the Kowloon jetty.

This page offers you a few of the dozens attractions and adventures you can do in HK.

The New Territories

They might tell you the New Territories is a place to visit. And they are right. The city is a strange mix of heavy (almost) overpopulated urban jungle and terrific scenic beauty of the New Territories.

It will bring you deep into the New Territories to show you the mix of traditional customs and modern ideas, of scenic beauty and man-made achievements. You will stand on the highest mountain peak Tai Mo Shan and have a fascinating view over the city and surroundings.

We offer the beauty of the rural areas in this tour.

Ocean Park

The Ocean Park is one of the great things to do in Hong Kong, especially if you come with your family.

Visit one the one of the most spectacular oceanariums in the world with a large marine theatre. There is an escalator system which is the second largest in the world. The cable-car ride back to the mainland gives you some amazing views over Hong Kong

The Ocean Park offers more attractions, for example the Giant Pandas and the world's largest reef aquarium.

Further there is a shark aquarium which has an 11.5-meter-long underwater viewing tunnel.

The Ocean Theatre is the stage for sea lions and dolphins for their contribution to the park.

More spectacular view you will have from the 72-metre-tall Ocean Park Tower

And your children will enjoy the Kids' World where they will be busy with games and shows.

Victoria Peak, Aberdeen Harbor and more!

Hong Kong IslandDuring my first visit I did the tour to Victoria Peak and Aberdeen Harbor, which was a great way of spending my time and money.

The tour we offer here is very similar to the tour I did at the time. It's an orientation tour to the city and includes some exciting sightseeing.

You will take a tram ride to Victoria Peak for a panoramic view of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the surrounding islands.

After that you will see Repulse Bay, visit Aberdeen to see the "floating community". You have an opportunity to join a sampan and get a close up view from ordinary city life.

Added to the tour is a visit to a jewellery factory and visit Stanley Market and proceed back to the hotel.

New Lantau Island Tour

Lantau Island Hong KongLantau Island couldn't be more different than Hong Kong Island, or the Kowloon peninsula. The tour over Lantau island will show you exactly how different it is.

It starts with a visit to the Cheung Sha Beach and the Tai O fishing village which is build on stilts. In this tour you will further visit the Ngong Ping Plateau with the Giant Buddha near the Po Lin Monastery.

You will walk the Wisdom Path and have a meal in the monastery. The last part of the tour includes a visit (optional) to the Ngong Ping Village and the skyrail car to Tung Chung after which you will return to your hotel.

Cheung Chau Island Tour with Dim Sum Lunch

Another island tour? Well, the reason is simple: Cheung Chau Island is very different from Lantau Island. But the other reason is the dim sum lunch. Hong Kong, more than any other place I have visited is a food heaven. Some of the very best and most varied food in the world is to be found here and dim sum is one of those originals you have to try out.

Cheung Chau Island, Hong KongThe day will start with a visit to the Pak Tai temple at Cheung Chau (meaning Long Island). A bit further on is the Tung Wan Beach which has remarkable white sand and clear water. There are thousands of years old carvings in the rocks (Bronze Age).

Continue with a walking tour through the old main street Pak She Street and San Hing Street, where you will witness the daily lifestyles of typical island communities. The 20 minutes sampan ride is for many the highlight of the tour. The tour continues with a visit to the Tin Hau Temple (17th century). It's a very active temple.

Via West Lane you will walk to the local restaurant for a dim sum lunch. You can spend the rest of the afternoon at the island.

Other attractions

The number of attractions is enormous. Think about Disney Land, a Pink Dolphin Watching Cruise or Flight Simulator Experience

A good thing to have in Hong Kong is HK Sightseeing Pass which gives you discounts for a whole month!

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