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Twenty years I come in Thailand and I haven't used a Thailand Guidebook. When I am writing this down that realization comes to me.

Kamphaeng Phet

Kamphaeng was one of the revelations of my bike ride in February 2012.

The archaeological history of the Kamphaeng Phet were amazing. But despite being a UNESCO world heritage site, the city gets hardly visitors. A real shame.

The wonders of Kamphaeng Phet

Still, during my last bike ride in Thailand in February 2012, I realized a guidebook would be very useful to sort out the places I could visit (I don't care much about the recommended hotels and restaurants).

So I got a guidebook in Sukothai. And I found Kamphaeng Phet as a possible next stop. And that turned out to be one of my favorite stops in my month long bike ride in Thailand.

To my surprise it was even a UNESCO World Heritage site, but it doesn't get much attention from the masses traveling in Thailand.

Thailand guidebooks do mention it, but not in the way they mention Sukothai and Ayutthaya, the bigger tourist destinations.

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