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The temples of Khajuraho

Getting there, enjoy the temples and stay comfortable

The temples of Khajuraho belong to some of the most spectacular in northern India. The temples are very famous for it's explicit erotic carvings. The Khajuraho temples have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is considered to be one of the "seven wonders" of India. An to be honest, that statement is no understatement!

The temples of Khajuraho in India

The temples are located in Madhya Pradesh, in north central India, about 620 kilometers southeast of New Delhi and 400 km east of Agra. They are Hindu and Jain of origin.

erotic art in the walls of the temples of Khajuraho

They are over 1000 years old. They were build by the Chandela kings but the complex was never used as a place to live hence the absence of a fort.

At the time of building the Chandela kings had their capital in Kalinjar. Later the king moved to Mohaba, north of Khajuraho but the temples continued to flourish for some time.

The temples of Khajuraho The temples of Khajuraho

Although Khajuraho is famous for it's erotic carvings (around 10% is erotic), these are absent in inside the temples or even near the deities. The idea behind this is that one has to leave his/hers sexual desires outside the temple. Some suggest these carvings suggest tantric sexual practices. 

All carvings show an amazing vividness. The craftsmanship is absolute stunning. It is so stunning that one would not be surprised some of the depicted people and deities would jump of the walls.

The temples of Khajuraho
The temples are nowadays set in a kind of British styled park

The temples are nowadays set in a kind of British styled parkHowever, not all 17 temples have survived until modern times. An interesting aspect is the park in which the temples are nowadays are to be seen.

As the temples were for practical use, it is unlikely (and there is no historical record) that these temples where ever build in such a setting. However, for modern tourists, the park gives you an excellent idea of the beauty of the temples.

Getting there

Some claim the temples of Khajuraho are somewhere in the middle of nowhere. In some ways this is true. Going west, the next bigger city is Jhansi at 181 km. Going east is Satna at 120 km. From Satna you can either go north to Varanasi or south to Hyderabad.

Alternative you can take a bus from Agra, Gwalior or Jhansi. Satna has a railway station with connections to Delhi, Varanasi and Hyderabad. However, if you prefer cycling, like me, you will want to visit both Kalinjar and Mahoba, both with a history related to the temples of Khajuraho.

The vivid carvings at the temples of Khajuraho The vivid carvings at the temples of Khajuraho
The vivid carvings at the temples of Khajuraho

Staying in Khajuraho

There are plenty of hotels in town including a few resorts but also a couple of dirt cheap guesthouses included the Hotel Harmony. Cheapest we can offer is the Casa Di William. Here are some more options

More hotels, hostels and guesthouses

temples of Khajuraho

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