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Cycling to Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan is the hub for going in and out of south Perak. It's an interesting city to spend an afternoon. A second day can be used to visit the nearby historical complex: Pasir Salak.

Leaning Tower in Teluk Intan

Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

About Teluk Intan

The city is located in the south west corner of Perak. It's one of the very old cities in Perak and together with Ipoh, Taiping and Kuala Kangsar worth your attention.

It used to be named Teluk Mak Intan but during the British colonial times the town was renamed to Teluk Anson. In 1982 the city was again renamed to it's present name. In the city you will find plenty of reminders of the past in names as Hotel Anson, Anson Trading etc..

Hotel Kok Men, no longer serving guests
Hotel Kok Men, no longer serving guests

The main tourist attraction is the Leaning Tower, build in 1883. Due to water in the ground it was already hanging over 4 years after it was build.

Further in town you will find the Raja Muda palace, the over 100 years old Hock Soon Temple and many shop houses, some in great condition, some poorly renovated and some ready to be tore down.

Around the city you will find plenty more beautiful (sometimes rundown) houses.

Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan is also famous for food including the Malay mee rebus, Chinese Chee Cheong Fun, curry mee and laksa.

Teluk Intan

Accommodation and food

The city center of Teluk Intan has some small Chinese owned hotels. They're cheap and basic, usually above a restaurant. Alternative you can choose the Anson Hotel, near the Store which has decent rooms for RM90. Other hotels are outside the city center.

Teluk Intan Perak
Old houses outside the city center all along the riverside

The food to try here is the Malay version of mee rebus (potato noodles in sauce, really good). The Chinese dishes which are famous include curry mee and chee cheong fun, noodles wrapped in prawn, yummy!!! There are several food stall all over the city center.

Pasir Salak

Pasir Salak is not far and certainly worth a visit. Pasir Salak is essential in understanding how Malaysia was formed. The resort next to the historical complex is no longer in use but you can easily cycle Teluk Intan - Pasir Salak in a day from Ipoh.

Pasir Salak

Take the road out of town to Kampong Gajah, about 30 km, cross the bridge and go left again (there are sign boards). For going back, continue from Pasir Salak to Teluk Intan. You will arrive at road #5, turn left to Teluk Intan, or right to Lumut/Sitiawan.

More about Pasir Salak

The roads to Teluk Intan.

Bridge near Teluk Intan to LumutTeluk Intan is located 72 km south of Lumut, 90 south west of Ipoh and 145 km north of Klang and Kuala Lumpur.

Recommended cycling

There are several options in Perak leading to the main city in south Perak. 

To and from Lumut, 72 km

Basically you have but one option: road 5 from Lumut to Seri Manjung/Sitiawan and south to Teluk Intan. It's a pleasant flat road and for the most not too busy, especially considering it's the ongoing road from Sitiawan to Klang.

To and from Klang

It's 145 km from Klang to Teluk Intan with a possible stop in Selangor, see this page for details about that road. If Kuala Lumpur is on your destination list, this is the road you have to take.

Kampong Gajah
Kampong Gajah

To and from Ipoh

You have options. The nicest road to use is described on my Ipoh to Teluk Intan page but there are alternatives.

Alternative 1
Take the road to Lumut, and the junction Pusing, Papan. After visiting Papan, continue by taking the direction to Lumut. A good option is to take the junction to Bali. This road leads you to Tanjung Tualang, see my other Ipoh to Teluk Intan page how to continue.

Papan, 13 km from Ipoh
Papan, what is left of the heritage

Another option is to continue to Bota and follow from here the river to Teluk Intan. The east bank is slightly busier than the west bank. Should you choose the west bank, you have to cross the river to Kampong Gajah and follow the river on the east bank to Teluk Intan.

This is a good alternative for this road although partly the same too.

On the road from Bota Kiri to Kampong Gajah
On the road from Bota Kiri to Kampong Gajah

Alternative 2
Another alternative is to cycle out of Ipoh in the direction of Gopeng, Kampar, Tapah and Bidor. You can take the direction Teluk Intan in Kampar, Tapah and Bidor. Tapah is also the junction for going to Cameron Highlands. I will not recommend this road, as it is a busy ongoing road (despite the motorway almost next to it) leading all the way to Kuala Lumpur. You can find places to stay in Kampar, Tapah and Bidor.

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