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Tektro bicycle accessories

Tektro is a specialist on brake systems, shifters, levels etc. The company produces some of the best brake systems in the world for MTB, recreation and electric bikes.

The techniques used by Tektro are unique in the field. They include:

  1. Caliper open w-i-d-e but also with safety Lock Device.
  2. Hydraulic disc brake one lever to two wheels for tri-bike with Parking Lock.
  3. Brake lever with quick-release applies more clearance to the caliper brake to remove the wheel.
  4. A low drag coefficient improves the top speed of riding.
  5. Integrated bell design with ergonomic lever applies your handlebar clean and simple looking. Integrated design for recreation and folding bike.
  6. Hydraulic disc brake with sensor control design. Sensitive & Durability to make sure the signal is transferred steadiness, also water resistance.

Talk about brakes, is talking about Tektro.

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