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Taj Mahal Magic

A little story about the magic of the Taj Mahal

One day I was sitting in one of the little watchtowers. You can walk on the right side of the Taj to the river where you can have a closer look at the watchtowers, you can see from the platform of the Taj.

River view of the Taj Mahal 
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It was close to sunset and it was silent with the exception of some singing birds and the whispering wind. The, just before the sun went down I heard a voice, as floating just over the water like laying on top of the warm wind, almost impossible to hear. Slowly a fisherman in his little boat came closer. His boat almost made no movement in the water. Slowly his song became stronger.

View towards the Taj Mahal from the Red Fort Taj Mahal detail of the artwork Taj Mahal, Agra India Taj Mahal Agra

taj mahal from red fort
Another view from the Red Fort over the river in the midday

Taj Mahal watchtowerI was looking at the other side of the river, empty lands. It could have been any time, including the days of Shah Jahan or the 21st century. It was a truly timeless moment, a magic moment, but it only lasted for a minute. Then the sun went down and the song ended. All that left me was going back to my hotel.

The next day I went back to find the magic again but it was gone. I've visited the Taj Mahal twice and was twice overwhelmed by it's beauty but that magic moment before sunset I never experienced again.

I expect it was the particular combination of the light, sounds and my inner state that created the magic of the moment.

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Taj Mahal

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