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Taiping to Ipoh, two alternative roads

Most cyclist who cycle from Taiping to Ipoh take the road via Kuala Kangsar. As this is maybe the most obvious road, there are alternatives.

Taiping - Kuala Kangsar

Most cyclists will travel from Taiping to Ipoh via Kuala Kangsar, visit the beautiful Ubiah Mosque (below), the museum and continue to Ipoh using road #1.

Ubiah Mosque Kuala Kangsar

From Taiping to Kuala Kangsar you have little choice. The 37 km have to be cycled on the busy road #1. It's an uninspiring ride. Fortunately Kuala Kangsar has quite something to offer in terms of the Mosque and museum. Here's more about Kuala Kangsar.

Typical Malay houses on Road #1 from Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh
Typical Malay houses on Road #1 from Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh

Kuala Kangsar - Ipoh

There are basically two ways to cycle to Ipoh. The first one goes north out of town using road #1. It's a 4 lane road, at times quite busy. On the way you will find some very nice typical Malay houses but I don't particularly like this road.

House just outside Manong, now in use as barn?
House just outside Manong, now in use as barn?

It's much nicer to cycle out on the south way in the direction of Lumut. It's 21 km to Manong. Here is a junction. The A154 will lead you closer to the river and will end at road 73 from where you will continue to Parit and through the hills to Ipoh.

Alternatively you can skip the junction and stay on the A3 which also will end on road 73 but a little more west. At the end of the A3 you can choose for Bruas or Parit/Ipoh.

The road from Kuala Kangsar and Manong in the direction of Parit
The road from Manong to Parit

Here is a more detailed report about the roads from Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh.

Taiping to Bruas

This is the preferred road for me to cycle from Taiping to Ipoh. You will miss for the most any busy roads and cross the beautiful Perak landscapes with local villages.

Trong to Bruas
Trong to Bruas

It starts in Taiping with following the signs to Ayer Kuning and Changkat Jering. Should you want to cycle to Kuala Kangsar, in Changkat Jering you take road #1 (left). For Bruas, go straight in the direction of Sitiawan/Lumut.

Another 5 km to Bruas
Another 5 km to Bruas on the way from Taiping to Ipoh

On your way from Taiping to Ipoh, you will pass Bruas, which is just over 55 from Taiping. The road swindles around the hills south of Taiping but it's never steep nor high or long climbing. Trong is one of the 3 following junctions to Pantai Remis. There's a few local restaurants here but all in all there's little to keep you here for longer than to buy a drink.

Around Bruas Hutan Lipur Ulu Licin

The road rolls to Bruas. This is certainly a town to spend a little time. On the main road there is a little museum. At the same junction there's a sign for Hutan Lipur Ulu Licin. This is the entrance of a beautiful and unspoiled jungle area. You can camp here but have to bring food and drinks.

Parit town center

Parit town center on the way from Taiping to Ipoh

Bruas is build on a junction. Road 71 goes south to Ayer Tawar and Sitiawan (Lumut). Road 73 goes to Kuala Kangsar and Ipoh, 57 km. It's a continuation of the slight rolling hills you have had until now. After 16 km you will pass the junction to Manong and Kuala Kangsar (see above).

Parit, Pusing, Papan and Ipoh

It's a short ride to Parit, which is surprisingly nice. It's a little very clean town. You can eat here, if you're lucky there's a market. Very pleasant.

On the way from Parit to Pusing
On the way from Parit to Pusing

In the town center, take the direction Ipoh. This is just 35 km away. It's a very quiet road swindling through the plantations. After about 20 km you have little choice than to join road #5 to Ipoh. This is a highway but fortunately you have only a few km before you can get off this road (it's not that busy, so it's OK to cycle - and allowed).


Take the first junction to your left, Pusing 1 km. Although Pusing is not as nice as Parit, you can eat here. And Pusing is nearby Papan, a heritage one street village a few km further, 13 km from Ipoh and worth a visit.

Papan's main street with old shophouses, many now in ruins
Papan's main street with old shop houses, many now in ruins

What rest is the last 13 km to Ipoh. A km or so after Papan you have to come back on the highway and do a few little hills. You can take the junction to Lahat and follow the road east and north into Ipoh avoiding the busy road #5 but in reality, both roads are busy. The advantage of cycling through Lahat is avoiding a few last climbs before arriving into Ipoh.

On arrival in Ipoh
On arrival in Ipoh

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