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Advice, requests or just a story about Indonesia

Indonesia is a big country, I say sometimes it's not a country but a continent. There are many language spoken by as many different people. Indonesia gets many tourists every year. Have you been there? Do you have an advice for travelers to Indonesia? Or a request? Maybe you have a great story to tell what happened to you during your journey through this beautiful country.

We'd like to hear it. Come on, get your fingers to the keyboard and tell us..

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Komodo, Rinca and the Komodo Dragon

The small islands that form together the Komodo National Park are worth a visit. Seeing the Komodo Dragon is for many a highlight but there is more

Komodo, Rinca and the Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon


Of all islands of Indonesia, this was my favorite trip. The beauty of the island,  plus the variety of culture and nature made it a memorable week. And the local population was beautiful.


sumba megaliths

The people of Nusa Tenggara - Photos

Here is an extensive photo report of the people in Nusa Tenggara. I hope you will enjoy the photos.

People in Nusa Tenggara


Flores is a magnificent island. It has a very rich culture, some beautiful nature to explore and it's not spoiled by mass tourism. An ideal island to get a bicycle.