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Where to start your bicycle journey? In the early 1980's I started using a bicycle for traveling in Europe. At the time I had a Rih race bike. A mistake for longer bicycle journeys. Later I had my Koga Miyata Worldtraveler.

But in the early 1980's, I started blank., At the time, without internet and not a lot of information in libraries available, I learned everything on the road.

at the point of starting my bicycle journey
Minutes before I started my first
one year bicycle journey (1999)

When I first left on my year journey to Asia I had no expectations, just a rough idea about the road and a year time. I had still plenty of questions but almost no information. My main problem was, where to start, or even where to get information itself. Some questions I had...bicycle travellers blueprint

  • What kind of bicycle, race or mountain bike?
  • What kind of panniers?
  • What kind of clothes?
  • What kind of shoes? (aka clips or SPD, shoes or sandals)
  • Camping or hotels?
  • Any good Guidebooks?
  • What sort of maintenance?
  • What to bring with you on spares?
  • What about camping and camping gear?
  •  ... many more ...

I guess these are the same questions you have right at this moment!

After more then 15 years and 125.000 km's I know now what I wanted to know right then. I've learned on the way.

Some of my journeys, if not all would have been a lot easier had I known than what I know now. I had quite a few problems that could have been avoided by choosing the right things, maintaining my stuff the right way, having the right spares with me, didn't bring too much of this and too little of that. The list goes on.

What of course you really want is having no problems and maximum fun. You've already met Jim, my bicycle. Have good read of Jim's adventure and know this is what you really do not want to through.

Bicycle Travelers Blueprint

How about YOUR plans? Are you dreaming of a journey from your home to the other side of the world?

The Bicycle Travelers Blueprint collects all the necessary information you can possibly need. I'll give you a glimpse:

The book starts with how the bicycle can change your life and goes from bicycle touring basics as what kind of bicycle, what wheel size to choose, choice of panniers and/or trailers, clothing, prepare for weather conditions, cooking gear and much more.

Chapter 2 goes into details will questions about the dangers and annoyance of bicycle travel. Further you will learn about basic bicycle repairs, planning and where to sleep.

Chapter 3 talks in further detail about how to get your bike and gear, finding the right places to cycle, tips for cycling with others and how to cycle on a budget of $3 a day!.

The book closes with 2 important chapters about "what happens when coming home" and "the future of bicycle touring".

You will learn that bicycle touring is indeed for everyone, not just for those with an adventurous mind. YOU can do it too.

Cycling in Turkey

Still doubts if you can do it too?

Riding a bicycle has nothing to do with your physical situation (see my meeting with Darshen, the man with one arm and one leg), a true inspiring story by a man who has a severe handicap..

Age is irrelevant, as my Dutch friends Arend and Ina proof again and again, their now in their 70's.

Heck, even money is not what should hold you back (see Tzuo Hann Law's story).

What matters is your mindset. If you want to do it, you can. The Bicycle Traveler's Blueprint is your first stop on the way of your bicycle adventure

So you can do it too!

After reading this, you want to know where to get the eBook.

Get the book from here:

Or ... get all 4 Ebooks and 1 movie including the Bicycle Blueprint for only $47! Read more here

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