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Songkhla to Phattalung (for Trang/Krabi)

A very little visited part of South Thailand is the southern Gulf of Thailand, north of Songkhla. Admittedly there are more interesting places to cycle in Thailand but if for example you come from Surat Thani and want to explore some unseen Thailand, this is a great opportunity.

Songkhla view from the ferry

We'll do a roundtrip Songkhla - Phattalung and back to Songkhla so you have the full picture and can choose what you like.

Beach at Sathing Phra

Songkhla - Ranot (65 km)

Take the ferry at the north west of the Songkhla peninsula. It's free for cyclists. The ferries go whenever full, which is almost always so there's hardly waiting time. It takes a mere 10 minutes to the other side. Just follow the main traffic north along the hills. After a kilometer or 2 you reach the junction with the #408.

On the road to Ranot

You're on the highway, a quiet highway. By the time you think where is Singhanakhon, you've passed it already.

There's little to see along the road except many temples. Few of them will force you to make a stop.

Beach around Sating Phra

RanotAfter about 25km you can choose to take a small road that follows the beach. There's no clear sign where to get off the highway but look for Wat Wat and Wat Mai. From here you can take any junction to the beach (road 3049). This is a really nice and quiet way to keep a close eye on the Gulf Of Thailand which is never more than a stone throw away.

You can follow this road for about 15km until you come back on #408. From here there are 2 options.

  1. Continue on the #408 until you reach the junction to Ranot (here is also a hotel available).
  2. Follow the road to Krasae Sin and continue along the Thale Luang lake side to Ranot town. I didn't see a hotel in the town center so you may have to cycle back to #408 to find accommodation (it's only a few km anyway).

Ranot - Phattalung (60 km)

Look in Ranot town center (it's really a small town) for the junction with the Golden Buddha statue. Go right (north), cross the bridge and continue on the #4010. You will get glimpses of the Thale Luang lake but it's only after the junction with the #5050 (#4010 goes further north so make sure you keep heading west) you get more and better views of the lake.

Soon you will cross into the Thale Noi bird sanctuary. This is a wide open flat area with north the Thale Noi (Noi Lake) and south Thale Luang (Luang Lake). The road is protected by a wall but there are rest places where you can observe the birds without entering the sanctuary.

Thale Noi bird sanctuary
Crossing Thale Noi bird sanctuary

The road will turn sharp south and connects with the #4007. This leads towards the Botanical Gardens and further south to Lam Pam, the beach resort area of Phattalung. From here Phattalung is just 7 km away.

Ban Hua Pa dam

Accommodation in Phattalung

I've been twice in the city and found only one hotel. It's located at the eastern part of the city in a side street of the main road. The hotel's name is Thai Hotel. It offers clean and spacious rooms for B400/500 (non air con/air con).

Phattalung - Trang/Hat Yai

If trang is your next destination, cycle west out of the city. Once you're at the main junction with road #4, continue west to Trang, 62 km. You can continue south to Hat Yai which is 90km away.

Thale Luang
Thale Luang

Phattalung - Songkhla (along Thale Luang)

This is an amazingly quiet and great road to cycle. It's all flat and you will get plenty of views of the lake. Take 3 km out of Phattalung the junction #4050 to Ban Pak Wu, make sure you do not continue to Khao Chai, as you will have to make many extra kilometers but if you want to go to Hat Yai, this is a nice alternative as Khao Chai is not far from road #4.

When you arrive in Pak Wu, continue south. Most of the road markers are only in Thai but an occasional board shows Bang Kaeo. You're on the #4003 until you reach Ban Trae, a T-junction. Go left on the #4138 and follow the road to Hat Chong Ke (do NOT go to Bang Kaeo) and continue on the #4004 further along the lake south. From this moment on you will find directions to Pak Payun.

Pak Payun area

Pak Payun is a good place for a refill. There's a couple of small restaurants (I recommend a small Muslim noodle restaurant on your right side when cycling in town, it's easy to spot it). In town you find Tesco Lotus and 7-Eleven. Take a stroll on the market and have a look at the lakeside with it's fishing activities.

Continue by crossing the river and follow the direction to Ban Chalae, 15 km. Continuing on this road which leads through quite empty lands you will find less and less road markers. Stay on this road #4026. Eventually it ends in a T-junction at Ban Chalae. You will find a board that says Songkhla 35km but that is only if you continue on the Tinsulanon Bridge. Using the ferry it's only 18km.

Pak Payun

At the T-junction, go right (south) and follow the road. It will connect with the #408 highway just a few km north of Singhanakhon.

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