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Slow boat to Luang Prabang

One interesting journey in Laos is to take a boat from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang. There are three ways: slow boat, speed boat and luxury cruise. The speed boat is usually taken by the locals while the slow boat is almost entirely occupied by backpackers.

Slow boat from Xuay Xai to Luang Prabang

Slow boat to Luang Prabang... don't count on comfort ...

I did this journey years ago during my first visit to Laos. Although it is really a tourist trap, it is still worth the effort to do.

It took me two days, starting in  Huay Xai (also spelled as Houay Xai). The first day the boat, maybe slow but still making a lot of noise, goes to Pak Beng.

Pak Ou Caves Luang Prabang
Pak Ou Caves near Luang Prabang

The next day the journey continues to Luang Prabang with a stop at the Pak Ou caves, a series of caves filled with Buddha statues.

The boats usually leave from 8 to 9 AM. Although the journey is scenic, the noise of the motor makes it far less rustic then you really want. Even chitchatting in the boat is difficult.

The journey travels on the Mekong river from Huay Xai to Pak Beng. Here are several guesthouses. As the guesthouses solely depend on the boat travelers, there's always room available. The river is for the village people the main way to travel as there is no road to Luang Prabang,  although there is a road to Oudomxai (highway 2, although I doubt it's even a paved road, but I have not done this road).

Wedding in Pak Beng Laos 
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Wedding in Pak Beng Laos Wedding in Laos Wedding in Pak Beng Laos Wedding in Pak Beng Laos

Wedding in Pakbeng
Wedding in Pak Beng Laos

When I did the trip I was lucky enough to enjoy a local wedding. The backpackers were not exactly invited but as the whole village showed up, so did we for an hour or two. It was quite a party.

Selling at the boats in the Mekong river Minority lady in Laos
Taking the slow boat to Luang Prabang you will see plenty of minority people

During the journey to Luang Prabang the boat stops at several places, giving the locals a chance to sell food and drinks.

In my opinion, despite being a tourist trap, this is certainly worth the 2 days you need by taking the slow boat to Luang Prabanang from Huay Xai to Pak Beng. The only disadvantage is the noise of the motor.

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