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City state Singapore has much to offer to tourists and a Singapore Travel Guide will help you finding the best options for what to visit, where to stay and how to travel.

I've been several times to Singapore. It's big modern city, very clean, very organized.


There are plenty of attractions and many people love it. Me? The first time I went there I found it a great place to end my journey, now more than 20 years ago.

At the time it felt like going back into the western world. I found a cheap hostel, cheap at least for Singapore. Singapore was also where I could go shopping for a camera. You have to understand, I had a borrowed camera with me. Borrowed? Yes, at the time I was not much into making photos, that would come later.

Singapore beaches

The surprise of Singapore in 1991

At the time Singapore, I was told, was the place to buy a new camera. In the end I did buy a camera here (Pentax with zoom). I also visited the aquarium but the most impressive thing would happen the last day.

My Singapore travel guide explained that there were beaches (!) at one of the nearby islands! By that time I had already decided my next holiday would be in Indonesia, but from one of these beaches I might already see a glimpse ... and indeed I did. I saw Bantam but little did I know about 20 years later finally I would be back, at Bantam and by pelni (ferry) from Jakarta. That story you can read here.

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