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Shimano bicycle accessories are probably the best you can get as Shimano is one of the leading and innovating bicycle accessories producers. If it is gear accessories, cranks, hubs, shifters, brakes, levers or wheels, Shimano has it. Over the years the materials got better, lighter and through our auction also cheaper.

Do a search for rear shifters or wheels and find prices you can't believe. True, I am a fan of the Shimano accessories, I admit.

Shimano has a wide range of products, from pedals to shoes (I use Shimano sandals now almost 10 years, 4th pair already), from cassettes to shifters and levers. Like it or not, Shimano is one of the leading and innovation bicycle material producers.

What I am using right now

At this moment, all the materials on my bicycle is Shimano XT, like the pedals and cassette on the right here.

Shifters, levers, sprocket, all is recently brought back to the XT level. The reason was that other brand names never really lived up to the standard of Shimano XT.

Why choose a more expensive series? You can of course choose for the cheaper series like LX or Deore.

Well, my last crank was Shimano Deore. I had to change it in Indonesia after the old XT crank broke down, after more than 60.000km. The Deore crank didn't make more than 2 years and 10.000km. There's the difference.

I am still using my very first XT bicycle brake set, 12 years old now (I admit, this needs to be changed later in 2012).

I know what you are saying... it's expensive and I would never say it is not. However, I do say it is worth to spend your budget on good Shimano bicycle accessories.

The very thing you really don't want to happen is that something breaks in no mans land. I have that experience, it's not fun, trust me. Create a budget for your long distance journey. (for example, see my story how I broke my front rack and what happened after

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