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Shillong hill station

Shillong was a British hill station and is now the capital of Meghalaya, one of the so called Seven Sister provinces in the far north east of India. It's a fast growing city in the hills just north of Bangladesh. The city is also only is just 56 km from Cherrapunji, the world's wettest place. I spend a day here, it was pleasant but nothing really special.

The lowlands from Guwahati to Shilong
The lowlands from Guwahati to Shilong

Apart of the pleasant Ward Lake there wasn't a whole lot of exciting things to do. However, the road to and from Shillong was very pleasant, with lots of rice fields and the closer I got to Shillong, the more tea plantations I saw.

Getting there and stay

Shillong is easy to reach from Guwahati by bus. It's a good day cycling, if you like but it's all the way up to almost 1500 meters. The altitude makes the climate mild and it was not for nothing the British used this as an escape from the heat in the lowlands.

You can continue south to Silehar and Agartala (where without any problem you can get a Bangladeshi visa.

The city has plenty of good and affordable hostels and guesthouses:

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Phuntsholing and the Bhutanese border

Phuntsholing is certainly not worth a visit. However, it is the border town with Bhutan and you can visit a few square km's in Bhutan without a visa. Thus I went there to see what there is to see:

Phuntsholing and the Bhutanese border


Although Guwahati itself is just a big city, there are some very interesting sights in the area. For example the Kamakhya Temple.

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