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5 Way Junction to Sungai Pinang (3-4 hours, blue trail)

This is an alternative to the red trail, and what an alternative! Once you have arrived at 5 Way Junction, you have several options. If coming from the Air Itam Dam: to your right: Tiger Hill and further to Penang Hill, see this page or continuing on the Old Ridge Path to rain gauge 29. To your left you can hike the Ngoh Han Hill trail. The second to the left, a decent road that swindles up towards Bukit Elvira, leads to Balik Pulau but it's challenging to find the right trail as I found out during my 5 times I hike it.

5 Way Junction
5 Way Junction, follow the direction to Tua Pek Kong (the red board)

The middle road is the one you want. It has the sign towards the Tua Pek Kong (red board). The road swindles down and quickly you find another boards at a junction to your left. You can take the junction but after 10 minutes you reach a dead end although you meet one of those amazingly nice farmers.

Trail to Sungai Pinang
Turn left is a dead end, so follow the red board

So you follow again the Tua Pek Kong direction until the next junction. This one is a bit confusing. The main road turns steeply down but the wider and less developed road turns slightly to the left. There is another junction within minutes but this too is a dead end.

Trail to Sungai Pinang
The forest track, later it will be a tar road again

You will have some views towards the hills to your right. The road to the Tua Pek Kong can be seen further down but soon you will loose that sight. Slowly the trails swindles up until you reach a 4 way junction.

Trail to Sungai Pinang
The small track continues to the "pass" with the 4 way junction

The trail to your left seems abandoned, so there's the choice of going straight left or straight right.

Trail to Sungai Pinang
The 4 way junction, left the road to nowhere

Going left: the road to nowhere.

I went left as it seemed the better road. Quickly I started to see a large chunk of Balik Pulau area all the way to Pulau Betong. It seemed I was on the right trail. Within 5 minutes I was joined by a pack of barking dogs which lead me to a junction. I could go straight or right. The straight road seemed the more remote so I took that one. 10 minutes later I found another junction (were it actually smelled heavy of vomit, it was disgusting).

Trail to Sungai Pinang
First of the junctions with the pack of dogs

The left lead into the forest. Soon a small shrine and a tank were visible. But also the road was blocked by many trees. I passed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th blockade while on the way I got some awesome views over the Balik Pulau area but at some point the blockade was simply too much.

A rare view of Balik Pulau
A view of Balik Pulau from a seriously difficult road to hike high above the
Ratanagiri Bhavanarama (Forest Meditation Resort)

So I went steeply down towards a farmers shelter. Again a junction, I turned left and ... the excellent though steep road ended abruptly in a banana plantation. So I went back and took the other road. This one seemed to turn back towards the road I had walked just earlier. And indeed that was exactly what the road did. I was back at the first junction after the 4 way junction. This was all roads to nowhere. Thus I turned back to the 4 way junction

Trail to Sungai Pinang
End of the road, just like that

Going right: Sungai Pinang

The road to the right was more a forest road, a decent though. Within minutes I had some awesome views towards Balik Pulau but also to the hills to my right side as I was now effectively on a ridge. Now the road became a tar road and started to decent.

Trail to Sungai Pinang
Some spectacular views on the ridge

Soon the first farms appeared. The road swindled steeply down. To the right, there were hills that separate the red from the blue trail. Thus you also won't see the Tua Pek Kong on this hike.

Trail to Sungai Pinang
Soon you're back in the "civilized world"

From this point on it was basically following the road down. Several junctions came and went. The trick here is to choose the trails that go down and follow the direction of Sungai Pinang, the village at the west coast of Penang which on and off becomes visible. It's about an hour mostly steep descending.

Trail to Sungai Pinang
Certainly a house build with vision!

You will find a notice board you're on private property for the next 2 km. You can safely ignore this warning. The road continues to swindle down to road 6 which connects Balik Pulau (9km) with Teluk Bahang (11km). Here you have to wait for the infrequent bus #501 or try to hitch to Sungai Pinang, a few km further down where you may get equally infrequent bus # 404 from Pantai Acheh or the #501 either to Teluk Bahang or Balik Pulau (from where you can get the 401, 401E and 502 back to George Town).

Trail to Sungai Pinang
Sungai Pinang, the end of today's hike

The blue trail is certainly one of the best walks in the Balik Pulau area. If you skip the part that leads to nowhere, it takes from 5 way junction to road 6 about 2 hours. It's first class hiking.

5 way junction to Sungai Pinang map

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