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Satun - the border with Malaysia

Satun is the border town with Malaysia. It's a pleasant though for the most forgettable town in south Thailand owning it's existence by having ferries to Ko Lipe and Ko Ta Ru Tao and to Malaysia's Langkawi.

Fishing boat leaving the harbor of Satun
On the ferry to Langkawi

I've been several times to the border town, from Langkawi, Hat Yai and Pak Barra. It's a pleasant small town with a few proper hotels and a night market with some good food.

One of the must visit places in town is the National Museum which was build to be a royal palace for King Rama V on his visits to south Thailand. It was finished in 1922 and is locally known as Kuden Mansion. The building was used as a provincial hall and administration center until 1963.

Satun National Museum
Satun National Museum or Kuden Mansion

There are 3 hotels in town but there is no need to book in advance as the hotels have always room. That is different for Ko Lipe and Ko Ta Ru Tao. During peak season it can be busy.

Check hotels in Ko Lipe and Ko Ta Ru Tao


The road from Pak Barra

It's a short ride from Pak Barra to the border, only 61 km. It's not only short, it's also easy. However, it's just too far to cycle Trang to Satun in one day. It's a pleasant rolling and quiet road although at some points in 2012 road extensions are on the way from a 2 lane road to 4 lanes.

There's little to see on the road but it's good cycling.

A few kilometers before Chalung

A few kilometers before Chalung

The road from Hat Yai

Hat Yai is further away and it's not the most pleasant road to cycle as you have to use the 406 for the most. It's a slow rolling road. If you come from Pak Barra you will want to stay a night in Satun before going to Hat Yai.

Take the road back to Chalung and continue to Ban Tha Chalung. Here take the junction to your right which leads straight on directly into Hat Yai.

If you are in Hat Yai, use the Thanon Pet Kashem which crosses the railway and the river.

Junction in Chalung for Hat Yai and Satun
Junction in Chalung for Hat Yai and Satun

Continue on this road until you reach the junction with road 43 (the ongoing road from Phatthalung to Patani). Cross the junction and follow road 4 until the junction at Ban Tha Chalung and go right (left is Hat yai). This is preferable over the main ongoing road which goes to Phatthalung.

Overseas from Langkawi

Satun town center is located 8 km from Tammalung, where the ferries to Langkawi and the islands leave.

There are several boats to Ko Lipe and Ko Ta Ru Tao a day.

The boats to Langkawi leave at 9.00, 13.00 and 16.00 while boats from Langkawi do the trip back at 8.30, 12.30 and 15.30. The trip takes about one and a half hour.

The jetty at Tammalung
The jetty at Tammalung

The boats can carry your bicycle. Tickets from Thailand to Langkawi cost B300/RM30. You may get charged for your bicycle which can be anything from zero to B100.

There's nothing to do at the ferry dock. The nearby village however give you a glimpse of the busy fishermen life. Small fishing boats dock here and the fish is partly sold here too for local consumption. Have a seat in one of the small coffee shops and watch life passing by if you have time to kill.

Shrine in Satun

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