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Sapa photos and more photos of north west Vietnam

I found in my collection a whole lot of photos of Sapa, Lao Cai and other places in the north west. So here we go with an extended selection of photos in north west Vietnam.

north west vietnamI found the people in Sapa not particularly camera shy. That would change when I went on in the direction of Dien Bien Phu.

In several villages where I stopped to visit markets, there was a clear sign: we want you to make NO photos.

Some people here believe that making a photo of a person also takes a little of the soul of the person away. Children however were seldom shy and happy to pose.

I guess that some things change over the years but some other things, especially when it comes to what people believe, never change at all. So if you make photos, be sensitive. If people don't want it, don't do it.

I see sometimes people with little pocket cameras running and shooting a photo of someone right in the face because "it is so funny".

Golden rule... if you don't like that it's done to you, don't do it to someone else.

North West Vietnam
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Sapa market Sapa market Sapa market Sapa market

The north west of Vietnam is connected to north Laos, north Thailand, south China and east Myanmar. Not only this whole area is quite rugged but relatives of the minority people living across these borders. You can find Red Thai, Black Thai, Hmong and many other people living across the official country borders.

North West Vietnam 
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North Vietnam North Vietnam on the way to Son La Sapa North Vietnam On the road to Son La

north west vietnam north west vietnam

north west vietnam north west vietnam

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