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Ipoh, and the road to Teluk Intan

Avoiding the main roads is always an objective of me. The road to Teluk Intan from Ipoh is such a road. However, you can avoid the main roads totally, as this one starts with the main road from Ipoh to Gopeng.

On the way from Batu Gajah to Tanjung Tualong on the road to Teluk Intan

On the way from Batu Gajah to Tanjung Tualong on the road to Teluk Intan

The shortest distance from Ipoh to Teluk Intan is 87 km, which is OK to cycle in a day. However, the road described on this page is longer but it's without a doubt possible to cycle this road in one day so let's start.

Ipoh - Sam Poh Tong - Kellies Castle

The first 6 km from Ipoh on the road to Teluk Intan go on the main road to Gopeng and Kampar. There's little escape. That said, you can visit the beautiful over 100 years old temples Ling Sen Tong, Sam Poh Tong and Nam Thean Tong.

Sam Poh Tong temple in Ipoh
The spectacular water gardens of the Sam Poh Tong temple in Ipoh

These temples are the biggest in Malaysia. They're carved into the limestone rocks, and although already quite old, extensions and renovations are an ongoing process.

Just after the temples, I suggest you take the junction Taman Seri Botani, it's a newly build housing area. The junction leads you in half a circle to the T-junction with the A106. Follow the direction to Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, just a few kilometers further. The T-junction Batu Gajah - Lumut is here too. It's another 9 km or so to Batu Gajah.

The next traffic light offers Batu Gaja right, and strangely no sign for Kellies Castle. If you haven't seen Kellies Castle, take the 2 km extra to your left (come and go) to visit this relic from the early 20th century. (more about Kellies Castle here)

Kellies Castle, near Batu Gajah and Ipoh

Kellies Castle, near Batu Gajah and Ipoh

Kellies Castle to Kampong Gajah

Back at the crossroads, coming from Kellies Castle, you can go straight to Batu Gajah but to cut short you can go left following the direction to Lumut. The road rolls a little up and down through the plantations and rough lands, it looks like a highway, a 4 lane street but there's hardly traffic.

Batu Gajah to Kampong Gajah
The rustic road from Batu Gajah to Kampong Gajah

Several kilometers on the way you will cross the railway line and find a junction to Kampong Gajah (Kg Gajah) which is 40km away.

This is the land of tin mining. All along the way you will see the remains of tin mining in the form of lakes, beaches and scorched land. This becomes more clear should you follow the junction to Malim Nawar where remains of Japanese Carbide Factory Chimney in the area can be found and further east to Kampar with the Gua Tempurung caves.

At the bridge at Kampong Gajah to Pasir Salak
At the bridge at Kampong Gajah to Pasir Salak

However, if you decide to visit Teluk Intan, just follow the road to Tanjung Tualong. The small town has no guesthouse or hotels but you can eat here.

Kampong Gajah is 25 km further. Several kilometers before Kampong Gajah there's a few hills you have to pass but they look more fearsome than they really are.

Pasir Salak and Teluk Intan

Pasir Salak

In Kampong Gajah it's another 25 km to Teluk Intan. However, I would advice to visit Pasir Salak. The complex is located at the other side of the river and there are signboards directing you. At the junction, instead of following Teluk Intan, go right and after a kilometer or 2 cross the bridge over Sungai Perak. Just after the bridge, go left, direction Pasir Salak resort. I have in the last 8 years never seen the resort open but Pasir Salak is worth a visit.

Leaning Tower of Teluk IntanPasir Salak is where Malaysia's modern history began with the assassination of J.W.W. Birch, the first viceroy of Malaya, even today still a much hated man who had little respect for the local Malaysian population. More about Pasir Salak.

You can't really go from here direct to Teluk Intan using the west bank of the Sungai Perak so you have to head back a few km to Kampong Gajah and cycle along the river to Teluk Intan. Here you will find hotels and the famous Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan, the cities pride and joy.

It is another 65 km to Lumut and Pulau Pangkor on road 5 north. Going south leads to Selangor with the fireflies, Klang and further to Kuala Lumpur.

This road is seldom traveled but it's an excellent road to cycle due to the lack of traffic. In my opinion this is the best road to Teluk Intan for cyclists.

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