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Pushkar, city of Brahma

Pushkar, city of Brahma is situated at 12 km North West from Ajmer, Rajasthan. The town is dedicated to Lord Brahma, one of the three principle gods in Hinduism. In town there are many temples but it is the Brahma temple built in the 14th century that attracts the pilgrims. Once a year the town is home to the annual camel fair which attracts thousands of visitors.

Pushkar, home of Brahma
Pushkar, home of Brahma

Brahma is the Hindu god of creation and part of the trinity (where did I hear that before?) with Vishnu and Shiva. However, Brahma is not the supreme god of Hinduism.

There are only a handful of Brahma temples in the world. Brahma is not much worshipped in Hinduism and there are several stories about why.

One man in Pushkar told me the lack of Brahma temples in the world is to be explained by the fact Brahma was cursed for lying to Shiva. Another tale is that since everything is already created, there's little need to pay much attention to Brahma.

Apart of the Brahma temple there are several other (newer) temples in Pushkar. The Pushkar town is one of the oldest, although no one knows how old exactly, in India.

The Brahma Temple in Pushkar
The Brahma Temple in Pushkar

Pushkar is a big tourist place with many guesthouses. During the year you will have no problem to find accommodation except when the Pushkar Camel Fair starts. It's a 5 day event, usually held in October or November (depending on the lunar calendar) in the Kartika month.

Snake charmer in Pushkar People in Pushkar
Left: Snake charmer
Right: People on the street in Pushkar

It's one of the biggest cattle fairs in India and thus also held for trading purpose. Many take the advantage to have a dip in the sacred (now much polluted by tourism) pond, visit the Brahma temple and pray. The town transforms into a festival with music, dance, camel and horse races, magic shows and other entertainment.

Snake charmer in Pushkar
Snake charmer in Pushkar

Old man in PushkarThe town counts around 15.000 inhabitants, during the festival an estimated 4000-6000 visitors add the population.

Pushkar is a total vegan town, meaning no meat, no eggs, no diary products. In that sense it was a bit weird to be able to eat omelettes. These omelettes were made of vegetables, no eggs involved.

Getting there and stay

Getting there is quite easy. Aimer city is only 12 km away and has transport to everywhere in Rajasthan. There are every minutes buses to Pushkar from the main bus station.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on hotels here but you have to make a reservation in advance if you want to come during the camel fair as all hotels will be full booked and people will sleep on the streets too.

The amount of hotels, hostels and guesthouses is staggering:

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