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Plaosan Temple Complex and Ratu Boko Palace

Plaosan Temple Complex

The slightly lesser known Plaosan temple complex is lesser visited than for example Borobudur and the nearby Prambanan complex. It's quite a big complex with 174 buildings, many in no more than just piles of stones. However, what is left is certainly worth exploring. Eye catcher is the Plaosan Twin temple.

Plaosan Temple Complex

Most of the 174 buildings are shrines and stupas which date back to the 9th century. They are Hindu of origin, like the (unrelated) Prambanan complex.

The complex is about a kilometer north west of the Prambanan temples. If you are on the bicycle, you can cycle all around both Prambanan and Plaosan complexes.

Plaosan Temple Complex Plaosan Temple Complex

If you visit the Prambanan temple in a tour from Yogyakarta, typically it contains a visit to Borobudur, Plaosan and the Rau Boko palace (see below).

Plaosan Temple Complex

It's maybe a bit much for a day but if you have limited time, this is probably the easiest option.

Better is to visit Prambanan, Plaosan and Ratu Boko on your own on a day trip from Yogyakarta.

Plaosan Temple Complex Plaosan Temple Complex

Ratu Boko

A couple of kilometers from Prambanan away lie the ruins Ratu Boko. It was probably a palace but it's not 100% confirmed. The reason it is assumed to be a palace is that the complex wasn't a temple and it contained nothing that suggests it was a anything religious (although some temples were found inside the complex).

There are also walls found, which supports the complex was a palace of some sorts.

Ratu Boko Palace

The name is probably related to the legendary King Boko, a character of popular folklore.

Ratu Boko Palace

The site might have been belonged to the kings of Sailendra or the Mataram kingdom but this too was never confirmed.

Ratu Boko Palace

Ratu Boko is a mix of Hindu and Buddhist architecture. Artefacts found are both Buddhist and Hindu of origin.

Getting There

If you are cycling and on the way from from Solo, you might want to spend a night in Prambanan. I felt it was a little too much to cycle Solo-Yogyakarta and see Prambanan, Plaosan and Ratu Boko during the same day.

Alternative you can visit Prambanan and the nearby temples as a day trip from Yogyakarta (or, if you insist, from Solo). As mentioned above, you can do all of the major temples in an organized day trip from Yogya too. It's a bit a rush but certainly possible.

Banyunibo (water drops) Buddhist temple, not far from Ratu Boko

Banyunibo (water drops) Buddhist temple, not far from Ratu Boko.

The first thing to do is to visit Prambanan. Just north of the complex, you will find Plaosan, within walking distance. To visit Ratu Boko, you probably want to use a local transport (or, of course your own bicycle. Take in Prambanan town, the road to Boko Hanjo (jalan Piyungan Prambanan). The complex is about 3 km further on your left.

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