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More photos of Nepal

When I was sorting out my photos of Nepal I realized I had way too many for just one page. Hence here is another selection of my photos I made during the 3 visits to the mountain kingdom. I

Durbar square, Kathmandu Nepal 
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Hindu Temple Kathmandu On the road to the Tibetan border Street scene Kathmandu On the road to Tibet
On the road to Tibet Bakhtapur, Nepal Pokhara Nepalese children

The photos I am showing here are complete random made. Heck, I haven't seen all the photos in years and I have not even scanned scanned them all! It's just the tip of the iceberg.


Swayambhu stupa, Kathmandu 
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Outskirts of Kathmandu Kathmandu city Kathmandu temples Shrines in Kathmandu
Durban Square Kathmandu On the road to Pokhara Kathmandu Street Life Street Life Kathmandu, Nepal

Durbar square, Kathmandu NepalI remember wandering through the streets of Kathmandu with my camera and had really no idea where to stop making photos. It seemed as everywhere there was something worth to shoot pictures.

And remember, this was the time of developing photo rolls, an expensive business!Wherever you go in Kathmandu, it seems the Eyes of the Buddha are observing you. But even with the all seeing eyes around me, I got several times lost in the small streets with little to oriented me on.

One time I wandered all the way out of the city and found only my way back by recognizing the Swayambhu stupa on the hills top. It was the only city I kept losing my track.

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Traveling Nepal

Traveling in the mountain kingdom was like fulfilling a child's dream. Kathmandu to me had something magical.

When I finally reached Kathmandu after several years wandering in Asia, it was in some ways the end of the road and the start of a whole new life.

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