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Photo reports of countries I have traveled

Photo reports, it sounds more like an extensive page about how to make good photos. But no, this page is solely dedicated to the images itself. Pictures of Cambodia, China or Ladakh and more to come.

On the way to Gyantse, Tibet
On the way to Gyantse, Tibet 1997

During the last 15 years I have traveled all over Asia and Europe. For some of the countries I have written pages but when I was sorting out my slides and photos, I found way too many good photos. It would be a shame not to show them on this website.

The photos are free to use IF you give me a link back.

As you can expect, the process of sorting slides, scanning and create a webpage is a time consuming process. However, there are a few photo only pages now available.

Bali 2010
Bali, 2010

The pages may load a bit slow, it depends on your connection to the internet. So far these photo pages available:

Other countries will follow in the next few weeks.

Sunset over the Irrawaddy River, Myanmar
Sunset over the Irrawaddy River, Mandalay, Myanmar, 1993

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People of China

China is not a country, it's a continent. China contains 20% of the world population. Here's a few photos of the people in China

The people of China

Bagan Myanmar

One of the largest archeological sites in the world, Bagan offers so much, it was hard not to put even more photos on this photo report of Bagan in Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma), Bagan area

Bicycle auctions and bookstore

Yes we too have our own bookstore and auctions

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Ladakh India

I have been twice in Ladakh, Third Tibet they call it. The Ladakhi people are related to the Tibetans, share the culture, share the religion. Here's a series of photos of the Ladakh Festival 1997

 Ladakh Festival 1997