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Phang Nga to Krabi

The area from Phang Nga to Krabi is spectacular because of the limestone karst mountains. But I was still in Khok Kloi where in an instant I decided to skip Phuket and take the highway to Phang Nga. The day after I would cycle to Krabi. That much was clear.

Ao Luek, surrounded by limestone cliffs

Ao Luek, surrounded by limestone cliffs

Why not Phuket? I was so close. But I didn't feel like going there after hearing what it was all like there: a massive Khao San Road, packed with tourists and expensive hotels. Sure, I heard also about lonely beaches and cheap hotels. But there was another argument: I would have to take a boat. The original idea was to go for a night to Phuket and take it as it would come, than take a boat to Koh Lanta and from there to Pak Meng.

Near Phang Nga

Unfortunately as it turned out there was no boat from Koh Lanta to Pak Meng, I should have to go back to Krabi and loose time. There should be ferries to more southern jetties but schedules were unclear although I was certain I could board one. And I was ready for a day rest too.

Entrance to Phang Nga
Entrance to Phang Nga

Still, I felt better with the more quiet Phang Nga and less tourism around me. Quickly after the junction I saw the karst mountains. It was still 40 km to Phang Nga.

Phang Nga

By the time I was at the junction to Phang Nga city, karst was surrounding me. It felt like being in Yangshuo.

Stalls on the road to Thap Put
Stalls on the road to Thap Put

It took me a little time to find a hotel, very basic but for B200 you can't expect much. It was clean and had a shower, all I needed. The town has little to offer but has a pretty scenery. And that would continue the next day.

Amazing scenery from Ao Luek to Krabi

The road out of Ao Luek

If I had to cycle Phang Nga to Krabi I had to started the day early. The highway was quiet and quickly I was in Thap Put, another town without much to offer except a drink.

My next goal was Ao Luek (also spelled as Ao Luk), just 20 km or so further south. By now the limestone cliffs became more and more regular and by the time I arrived in Ao Luek, it gave me a truly spectacular view.

Amazing scenery from Ao Luek to Krabi
Amazing scenery from Ao Luek to Krabi

It was hard to believe there were no tourists in Ao Luek, with such a spectacular scenery I was expecting many but the town, was basically no more than a junction with houses and shops around it. I don't think there was even a hotel.

A bit further on I passed the sign board for Krabi area ...

Welcome to Krabi

... and I had seen that board before. I was back in an area I knew!

Mostly all the way from Phang Nga to Krabi you cycle in and around limestone cliffs but once you pass Ao Luek it gets really spectacular at some points.

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