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Penang Cooking Class

Learn to cook Malaysian Traditional Food

Nazlina's class gets international attention

Articles and TV programs on Malaysian TV, BBC TV, USA Today, UK's Daily Telegraph, Malaysia Airlines In-flight Magazine, several Australian magazines are a few of the results of the high quality of her cooking class! 

Nazlina's Traditional Food Class in Penang teaches you how to prepare a great traditional Malay and/or Nyonya meal.

Every class starts with a typical local breakfast followed by visit to the local wet market where you will be introduced to local vegetables, meat (if applicable, vegetarian classes can be arranged), fish and local spices.

Nazlina Hussin will teach you to identify the spices used and how to use them in your cooking. The fees vary depending on the kinds of food being cooked.

  • Mon-Sat @ Nazlina Spice Station
Penang Cooking Class

Nazlina explaining at the wet market tour

If you have been wondering the correct ways to make curry or how do you get that special color and taste for the rendang, here is the perfect class that you should take up.

We will have fun using the traditional methods for grinding spices.

Penang cooking class

Learn how to extract fresh coconut milk manually and find the names of the spices, its smell, how to handle them. You will find many obscure and traditional tips that you may not find in any other cookbooks.

Nazlina's cooking class is always fun

Learn how to fold nasi lemak using the banana leaves. Discover how many types of ketupat you can make out of coconut leaves. Or learn to cook a chicken curry, beef rendang or any other dish you would love to learn. You can choose!

Cooking class in Penang

The Penang Cooking Class the traditional way is fun and educational. I've followed Nazlina's class a dozen or so times and every time I am learning something new.

So, come and join Nazlina. Please fill up the form below. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. We need at least a day notice before the date of the class. And yes, you can come on bicycle, there's safe storage inside the garden.

Results of Team Building Cooking Class
Results of Team Building Cooking Class

In July 2012 Nazlina started doing occasional roti canai classes. These classes are based on a request from people. Needless to say I joined a class as I was eager to find out how difficult it was to make roti canai. It turned out to be far more difficult than expected.

Nazlina Cooking Class

There is no minimum number of students. The maximum number of students is 12.

Please fill up the form below or send text messages (SMS) to Nazlina at +6012-4538167 during office hours (daily). 

Penang Cooking Class at Nazlina Spice Station  Nazlina's roti canai class in George Town
Left: Students at the Spice Station
Right: Yours truly trying his best with roti canai

Rate for each class: RM160/adult, RM110/child (between 6 and 16 years old)

Cooking traditional food class starts is held on

  • Mon-Sat @ Nazlina Spice Station

Starting time for Penang Cooking Class: 7.30 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. (The class starts early to catch the wet market vendors!).

  • Advanced classes available, afternoon ONLY, 3PM-8PM, no market tour (RM 350pp)

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Traditional Cooking Class Penang

  • Mon-Sat @ Nazlina Spice Station

Nazlina's cooking class

The Traditional Cooking Class Penang includes a wet market tour and will teach you to cook Malay and Nyonya food, the traditional way. Occasionally Nazlina will do special roti canai classes.

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Nazlina's cooking class in the UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph Recommendation Cooking Class Penang

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