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Olympia in the Peloponnesus

The target was the Peloponnesus. I had left Meteora and crossed the mountains to Arta. Here I followed the coastline south to Patra. The first sight of Patra I got at the bridge to the Peloponnesus. Very quickly it was clear I didn't have much interest in Patra city, so I continued west to Camping Kato Alissos, several km further on the road to the airport.

Olympia Greece

Olympia Hera ruins

It was Olympia I wanted to visit but I didn't want to follow the main road which was way busy. So I took, what looked like an interesting road out of Kato Achaia. According to my map this should be a reasonable good road to cycle.

Museum in OlympiaAnd it was for quite a bit of time a great road to cycle. So I went out and cycled through forgotten road with little villages south. It was one of those absolute beautiful roads a cyclist wants to find!

I had about 50 km smooth cycling through villages and small roads. By the time I reached Agrapidochori the road because gradually worse.

I must have missed a junction in Latas because here the road became bad, and a bit further, I had to walk through the riverbed as the road seemed to have seized to exist. I was working myself through a complete empty land into a riverbed, walked through and found another path on the other side.

Al together it was about 40 km very bad with sometimes walking, sometimes cycling on gravel road. Some people on the way looked surprised to see me and directed me further south were, as they said, the road would be good.

Olympia GreeceMy compass told me I was going south and east, and according to the map that should be OK. And it was OK. I reached the main connecting road Amaliada to Tripoli/Corinth. I followed the road a little west and went south to Inoi.

When I finally hit again good quality asphalt, I had another 20 km to go to Olympia which took me just over an hour.


I had hoped there had been more to see but way too much was already destroyed. Much of what was left was no more than the foundations of once impressive buildings with here and there a pillar standing up.

Only the Hera ruins showed a bit more with many standing pillars. It was a typical example where you need a guide (which I took) to make my imagination work out what was once an impressive site.


Contrary to earlier days, in Olympia, I decided to stay in a guesthouse. In line with the ancient site, I decided to stay at Pension Poseidon which turned out to be a good choice.

There are several other budget options close to the ancient ruins. Check Tripadvisor or

In the Peloponnesus Greece
With Geert and Annemarieke somewhere in the Peloponnesus

Across the Peloponnesus

After two nights in Olympia, I decided to cross the Peloponnesus to visit Corinth and see the amphitheater of Epidaurus. It would be a 2 days bike ride. It was a journey on wide open 4 lane roads which were mostly quiet roads

The Peloponnesus is popular with holiday cyclist and it is likely you will meet several. The roads are in good condition and it's never too difficult. It's a very pleasant holiday trip.

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