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Pasir Salak

Pasir Salak is an important place in Malaysia's history as it was the birthplace of modern Malaysia. It was the place where the first British Resident J.R.R. Birch in 1875 was was killed and where

In honor of Birch and the struggle for independence the Malaysian government build the Komplex Serajah Pasir Salak.

Pasir Salak guide map
Guide map of the complex

Getting There

Pasir Salak is located about 25 km north of Teluk Intan. There is no public transport to the complex which explains why few tourists ever visit it. You have to arrange your own transport or cycle there. Here is a description how to go there.

Take the road out of Teluk Intan in the direction of Tapah (A16) and after a few km take the junction Kampong Gajah/Bota Kiri (A109).

Follow this road about 18km until you reach Kampong Gajah. Just after the town center, there's a bridge crossing the Sungai Perak. After crossing go left (there are signs for Pasir Salak). The complex is about another kilometer further.

After visiting Pasir Salak there is no need to go back the same way. Either if your destination is Lumut/Pangkor or Teluk Intan, follow this instruction:

J.W.W. Birch monument at Pasir SalakFrom the complex, go back to the main road and go right (direction Bota Kiri). Several kilometers further, take the junction to Sitiawan and follow this road all the way to the end, a T-junction. Go left for Teluk Intan, go right for Sitiawan, Lumut and Pangkor (road #5).

You can also follow the road from the complex to Bota Kiri and follow the direction there to Lumut. If Pangkor is your next destination, it  is absolute possible to do Teluk Intan-Pasir Salak-Pangkor in a day trip.

Pasir Salak

The Kompleks Serajah Pasir Salak is a well maintained monument to remember the struggle for independence in Malaysia. In the complex you will find the following monuments and buildings:

  • Perak's Menteri Besar Gallery
  • Makam Sepuntum
  • Pasir Salak Mosque
  • Kutai Traditional House (Rumah Kutai)
  • Dato Maharaja Lela Memorial
  • Birch's murder site
  • J.W.W Birch Memorial
  • Jetty
  • Pasir Salak historical tunnel

The museum

The Terawong Sejarah Pasir Selak museum is a very good place to learn about the Malaysian history, especially of the last century and the struggle for freedom. There are plenty of photos, artifacts and a kris collection donated by the Sultan of Perak from is personal collection.

The Museum of Pasir Salak
The entrance to the Museum

The Warriors Monument

The first building you will see when visiting the complex is the Watchtower but it is the Warrior Monument that immediately attracts attention

It's a monument to remember the Malay warriors who fought and died for struggle for independence against the British in 1875.

This monument was officially opened by the Raja Muda of Perak on 26 May 1990.

The main symbol of the monument is a sundang, a type of Malay sword which was much used in these days by the Malays.

The sundang originates from Sulawesi and looks similar to a kris or keris. In the museum, behind the monument, the Sultan of Perak donated a large collection of his private krisses which are now on display.

The difference between a sundang and a keris is that a sundang is primarily used for cutting while a keris is used for stabbing. The sundang is still in use for Royal ceremonies.

Pasir Salak Pasir Salak
Left: Mosque
: The Watchtower

The Mosque

At November 5, 1875 the original Mosque was burned down by the British. almost 90 years later in 1964, the new (and present) Mosque was opened.

The Watchtower

Entering the complex, the Watchtower is the first building you see. It's not a huge building but the beautiful piece of Malay architecture was even used by the British at the time.

Site where Birch was killed

It's November 2, 1875 and J.R.R. Birch takes a boat to a raft. His mission: enforce British administration in Perak.

The same date, in the morning, Dato' Sagor and 50 of his warriors went to see Mr. Birch. They're goal: telling Birch he had no right to post proclamations and enforce British rule in Perak. It was apparently a very emotional discussion and as a result, Birch was murdered by Pandak Endut in a bathhouse.

The riverside at Pasir Salak complex The riverside at Pasir Salak complex
The riverside at Pasir Salak complex

It was the start of the struggle for independence. The monument for Birch in the complex was build by the British in 1900 and was left there when the complex became a national monument.

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