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Parangtritis beach

Although I like Yogya, I prefer the countryside. Parangtritis beach seemed to be a good way of spending time outside the city and see the Indian Ocean. Parangtritis beach is no ordinary beach, it is the realm of ghosts and goddesses, it is the realm of Queen Ratu Kidul or Nyai Loro Kidul, the Queen of the South Sea.

A few km south of Yogya, a massive gong

A few km south of Yogya, a massive gong

Every year the Sultan of Yogyakarta send offerings in a beachside ceremony called “Labuhan” to keep the Queen happy. Still, legend says that those who go for a swim, will be taken by the Queen or one of her ministers to her underwater kingdom never to return.

Jim was not allowed to swim here...
Jim was not allowed to swim here...

Parangtritis beach is the beach area for local people in Yogya. It is certainly not comparable with for example Bali but it's a good day out. As I had my hotel south of the city center, it was easy to find the road to Parangtritis. All I had to do was cycling south, no junctions.

Parangtritis beach
Some serious waves at Parangtritis beach

It was a very pleasant short ride. Apparently I had to pay entrance to Parangtritis but no one stopped me, so I cycled into the little town which was now on Monday, no more then a deserted ghost town. Still, during the weekends it must be really busy. There were hotels and guesthouses and plenty of restaurants offering not only food but also toilets and showers.

The beach was very wide. From afar I could see the waves coming in. It was certainly too dangerous (as the board says) for a swim here. Despite the lack of tourists, there were some people selling fruits at the beach but most stalls were deserted.


I went on the beach, sat there for a while enjoying the cool wind from the Indian Ocean and the big waves hitting the beach. It was surely dangerous for swimming. I had a cup of tea in a small restaurant and cycled out of town.

It looks busier then it really was, parantritis beach
It looks busier then it really was at Parangtritis Beach

I didn't want to take the same way back, so I took a junction. I could have gone to Imogiri, where the Sultans of Yogya have their tombs. However, I changed my mind to explore some other areas south of Yogya. Not that it was all exciting but it was very pleasant cycling through the padifields and small kampongs on the way.

The countryside on the way to Parangtritis
The countryside on the way to Parangtritis, here crossing the Opak River

And although Parangtritis is only 20 km (not 27 as some maps suggest) or so from Yogya, by the time I was back in town, I had cycled 68 km. It had been a well spend day.

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