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Pangkor and Lumut

Pangkor Island is a little island conveniently located in between Penang and Kuala Lumpur (roughly 200 km both ways). For many foreigners Pangkor is a beach destination they skip as "there are better beaches in Malaysia". That might be true but the Pangkor beaches have their own charm.

Teluk Ketapang, at Pulau Pangkor
Teluk Ketapang, at Pulau Pangkor

The gateway to Pangkor is the former fishing village Lumut, where now everything lives from tourism and the biggest navy base in Malaysia. There two ferries an hour to Pangkor (RM 10, two ways) to Pangkor and the journey takes 40 minutes.

3 Days Pangkor Tour from KL

Pangkor island 3-day trip from Kuala Lumpur includes 2 night stay in 4 star hotel, tour on the island and more.


Arrival at Pangkor Town
Arrival at Pangkor Town

Pangkor has two faces: the fishing area around Pangkor town and the the villages just north and south of Pangkor Town and the west coast beaches, mainly Pasir Bogak, Nipah Bay and the private beach of Pangkor Island Beach Resort.

Foo Lin Kong Temple
Foo Lin Kong Temple

The beaches are clean, the water is clear and there's seldom a lot of people on the beach. Only during school and national holidays it can be busy. So most of the time you might have a beach for yourself.

canoeing from Teluk Nipah to Pulau Giam
Canoes at Pulau Giam, in front you see Nipah and Coral Bay

Attractions at Pangkor are the Dutch Fort with the Tiger Rock nearby, the Foo Lin Kong Temple is a fairly new Taoist temple, a small Indian Kaliaman temple with a couple of over 100 years old colonial tombs.

Pangkor Island Pangkor Island beaches

Jungle trekking might be a nice option. You can cross the island from Pasir Bogak to Teluk Dalam, a genuine trekking over the top of the main hill at Pangkor. Another possibility is to hike from Tiger Rock back to Pasir Bogak over a path which is quite easy to walk.

Peter cycles at Pangkor islandDuring the trekkings you might see a nice range of animals and plants like monkeys, hornbills and monitor lizards while on the ground you might see some orchids blossoming.

You can rent jet skies, banana boats and take a "round the island" boat trip with snorkeling at several little islands including Pulau Giam, right in front of Teluk Nipah.

It is possible to rent a boat and go to Pulau Sembilan for a fishing trip. Your hotel will usually be able to arrange a boat. Diving is possible to, read more here.

Pangkor is a pleasant holiday for a couple of days for those who come with family or simply if you want to have a couple of days rest, being away from the main tourist attractions.

There are plenty of hotels at Pangkor. Again my Pangkor website has many more details.

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Johan on the steep bridge near Lumut
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This happened when I cycled the trunk road from Penang back to pangkor:

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