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Pakistan Guide Books and DVD's

These days Pakistan is a disputed country to travel. Our Pakistan guide books and dvd's will help you decide where to go in this fascinating country. I have still great memories about Pakistan and recommend it heavy for cyclists.

Cycling in Pakistan

Ready for an adventure? There's plenty to explore in Pakistan:

Cycling in Pakistan


My first time in Pakistan was in 1997. I had crossed the border from India. That was a weird experience due to the hostilities of both countries. It felt as both sides could start firing at each other at any time.

I had an Indian guidebook but nothing about Pakistan as it had not been on the "to do" list for this journey. I'd been on the road for 10 months at the time and everything seemed to have been different than originally planned.

Thus I had no idea where to go. remember this was the pre-internet days. The obvious choice would be Lahore. And so I choose to. Now I had to find a bus. A guy walked up to me, obviously he had seen me been puzzled. He asked me where I wanted to go, I told him Lahore and off he went to organize a bus ticket for me after giving me a coke.

I expected a scam, in India this had happened so many times. Here in Pakistan it didn't. I got my ticket and he even paid for the coke. I guess he still made some money on commission for the ticket but it was a great introduction into the country.

When I arrived something similar happened. I found a nice little hotel in the heart of the city, no scam, no frills. And fortunately I was able to get a guidebook so I could finally find out what I could do in Lahore and further in on my way north into China.

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Cycling in Pakistan

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