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Pak Barra and Satun

Pak Barra and Satun are located in the far south of Thailand on the Thai west coast close to Malaysia. On the previous pages we cycled to Krabi and Trang. Now we go south to the Thai-Malaysian border (160 km) and this is certainly a nice road to travel.

Few travelers make it to Pak Barra.

If you have stayed in Trang or Pak Meng (see this page for details), this will be your likely next stop. If you have stayed in Pak Meng, you probably went to Kantang and from there to Yan Ta Kao before joining the Trang-Satun road, I would recommend to cycle this way. At that point Trang is 20 km north while the next town south is Palian at 20 km.

Road to Thung Wa
On the road to Thung Wa

An option here is to take the junction of road 4125 to Ban Nong Kan. I've never done this but it is certainly possible (and I might do that the next time I'm here). The 4125 rejoins the 416 just after Palian.

Until Palian it's just another road south. After Palian it gets more interesting the road turns east and south again to cross a hill range which separates the northern area from Thung Wa, just south of the hills.

The scenic road is the last of the limestone mountains of the Krabi area. There is a hotel in Thung Wa: Green Hotel and Resort which seems to be a meeting place for young locals so it may be busy in the late afternoon. Rooms are basic but clean enough, I've stayed here a few years ago. The market and night market in Thung Wa town are a kilometer away as the hotel is located at the north side of the town center.

On the road to Thung Wa
Just before reaching Thung Wa

After the hill range the road swindles along the hills but there is not a lot of climbing anyway. Lan Gu is another 26 km south.

Lan Gu is a small but busy town but there is little more to do than getting a meal. The next stop is another 11 km further at the coast: Pak Barra.

Crossing the hills before Thung Wa
The passes right through the hills.

Pak Barra

On arrival the beach looks wonderful (except when it rains, which happened to me when I visited in 2006 the first time and I couldn't enjoy anything). This time (2012) it was different.

On the way to Pak Barra
Views on the road on the way to Lan Gnu

Pak Barra is either important as an overnight stop for traveling to Satun or for visiting Ko Lipu and Ko Ta Ru Tao. If this is on your wish list, you can continue traveling to Satun without coming back to Pak Barra.

Pak Barra at high water
Pak Barra beach at high water ...

Pak Barra is no more than a boulevard, a jetty and a few hotels. That said, it's certainly not a quiet place, especially on Sundays when there is a big market on the boulevard and the hotels can be quite busy.

Pak Barra at low water
... and at low water... it's just a big mud pool

The beach looks beautiful but the beauty is quite deceiving. At high water it's fine but at low water the beach shows its real face: mud, a lot of mud. Even at high water, you will find soft sucking mud within 20 meters from the waterline. It explained why few people were swimming here.

There is a restaurant at the boulevard but the Sunday I was here the restaurant was closed. However, there was plenty of food at the market.

Boat schedules to Ko Lipe and Ko Tao Ru Tao

Pak Barra to Ko Ta Ru Tao - Lipe

Pak Barra
Arrival Lipe Departure Lipe Arrival
Pak Barra
Price (roundtrip) Price
(one way)
11.00 14.00 13.00 16.00 B900 B500
14.00 17.00 09.00 12.00 B900 B500

Pak Barra to Bulone

Departure Pak Barra Arrival Bulone Departure Bulone Arrival Pak Barra Price (roundtrip) Price (one way)
14.30 15.30 09.00 10.30 B400 B200

Pak Barra to Ko Ta Ru Tao

Pak Barra
Ko Ta Ru Tao
Ko Ta Ru Tao
Arrival Pak Barra Price (roundtrip) Price
(one way)
14.30 15.30 09.00 10.30 B400 B200


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