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North Bali (day 5)
From Lovina to Gilimanuk and East Java

North Bali sees less many tourists as Denpasar, Kuta and Ubud. Lovina attracts a fair share amount of travelers as you can take boats here and swim with dolphins. I was more on the clock, so to say. I had a visa for 30 days and my goal was to cycle to Jakarta roughly another 800-900 km cycling so I didn't want to spend extra day here, as I didn't know if I might needed an extra day later on.

Early morning at Lovina, the promise of a beautiful day

Early morning at Lovina, the promise of a beautiful day

Thus, I left in the morning, had a local style breakfast and went on the road. Contrary to South Bali, North Bali's roads are quiet with every 10-15 km villages for refreshments. This was cycling in paradise, with tailwind and partly cycling through the lush green rice fields or under the shady trees.

The rice fields of north Bali

My diary reads: "I felt this day was the best I ever had in my whole life!". There were a few short hills but I could cycle them up with 2 fingers in my nose.

The map showed me that I should expect some more serious hills by the time I should come in the vicinity of Gilimanuk, where I would have to take the ferry. The hills indeed came but the road went never up. The clever Indonesians had build a road right in between two hills and let me save my energy to later days.

North Bali, beautiful sheltered roads

Here and there I cycled through tunnels of leaves, and almost without any traffic this made North Bali even more beautiful.

I'd cycled the 90 km's in North Bali in under 5 hours and saw little reason to stay in Gilimanuk. It would be more clever to take the ferry to Java so I wouldn't have to spend that time the next morning.

Back to the Java sea area

I'd been exploring Bali in a different way than I had done years earlier. When I sat at the ferry I was looking back and was already homesick for more cycling at paradise island.

View from the ferry towards Bali, goodbye and see you next time!

View from the ferry towards Bali, goodbye and see you next time!

I took the ferry to Banyuwangi for the second leg of my bicycle ride in Indonesia, but I knew I would be back in Bali.

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