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Nha Trang beaches and Champa ruins

The Nha Trang beaches are famous in Vietnam. But it's not the only reason to visit Nha Trang. In the area, there are some awesome Champa ruins to visit.

The Great Buddha of Nha TrangPo Klong Garai
Left: The Great Buddha of Nha Trang
Right: Champa Ruins

Nha Trang has around 300.000 inhabitants, it is stretched out along the beach, where you find most of the hotels, most around Tran Phu Street which is the long boulevard crossing the city.

The city was known as Kauthara under the Champa. It is still home to the Po Nagar Tower built by the Champa.

Fishing boats at the coast of Nha Trang

Getting there and away

Nha Trang is 215 km from Dalat and 520 km from Hoi An. Coming from Dalat, you will want to make a stop in Phan Rang and visit the nearby Champa Po Klong Garai ruins which are in great condition. Phan Rang was a large American air force base in the Vietnam war.

The three towers of the Po Klong Garai are visible are sitting on a hilltop. They date back to about 1300AD. These Hindu temples were build during the reign of Cham King Jaya Simhavarman III.

Po Klong Garai Champa complex

None of the Champa temples are as big as their biggest enemies of the time: the Khmers in Cambodia but the temples show an amazing quality in architecture and sculpturing.

Near Nha Trang there are more Champa temples, most noteworthy is the Po Nagar Cham towers at the mouth of Cai River.

From Phan Rang the road follows more or less the coast although you won't see much of the South China Sea.  

Nha Trang Beach

You may want to have a stop in Cam Lam. On the western shore of the bay, this was the area’s major port and naval base during French colonial days. There is little else to see in Cam Lam.

There are direct buses from Dalat to Nha Trang which should take 4 to 5 hours. For more about the roads to Hoi An, please look here.

The Beaches

For many tourists, locals and foreign, the beaches are the best they will visit in Vietnam. And yes, the beach here is very nice although the water can be a little rough, especially in the rainy season.

Around Nha Trang you find many sights to visit. The most popular tour is the 4 island boat trip. This will bring you along the most interesting places on the coast of the city.

Late afternoon: Champa ruins near Nha Trang
Late afternoon: Champa ruins near Nha Trang

At the beach you also will find dive operator, apparently there are some good diving spots here but I have no experience with diving here.

Hotels and other accommodation

Many of the hotels in town can be found along Tran Phu Street. 

For budget travelers the Golden Hotel  has rooms from $12 and on. For the price is is a really good deal.

Other good options are the Golden Dragon Rong Vang Hotel, the Paragon Hotel and the cheap Bao Khanh Tuong Hotel

Nha Trang

Internet with wifi is usually available, even in the cheap hostels. More hotels in Nha Trang here:

Around Tran Phu Street you will find plenty of small shops selling boat tours, shop around first to get the best price!

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