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Although a small country, the Netherlands have plenty to offer. The Netherlands travel guides offer far more then the Red Light District, cheap dope and the Nightwatch of Rembrandt. In fact, Holland has so much to offer you can easily visit several weeks.

Cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling in the Netherlands is quite easy, as most is a flat country. There's a lot to see ...

Cycling in the Netherlands


I grew up with a bicycle. When I went to secondary school, I cycled, winter, storm, rain... it didn't matter. My parents didn't have time to bring me. And the bus would take twice as long as cycling PLUS another 20 minutes walking. No point.

That was Holland in the 1960's, 1970's. Everyone went to school on bicycle. But my love for cycling doesn't come from those days. My love for cycling comes out of travel books I got in the local library. I could dream away by reading old journals, looking at photos of countries I would never go to, or so I thought.

For many travelers the love for cycling or traveling is all the same. It's a longing for freedom. In the world of books anything is possible, in the world of travel books you get more ideas where you want to go to. Take a Dutch travel book and you will find places you wouldn't imagine at first. Like I said above, Holland has more to offer than Amsterdam and windmills. Get your travel book for the Netherlands here

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Cycling in the Netherlands

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