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Traveling and cycling in Nepal

When I look at my photos of Nepal I realize I still have the desire to go back, and explore more. So I'd like to share more photos so you may get the same desire as I (still) have.



Nepal is amazing. Reaching Kathmandu for me was a dream come true. Doing some trekking in the Himalaya mountains was another.

Reading travel books about Nepal and Tibet I read Heinrich Harrer's Seven Years in Tibet that really made me want to visit.

Later when I was in Delhi, I bought Younghusbands biography and a book about  Alexandra David-Neel, who traveled from Nepal to Shigatse to be ordained by the Panchen Llama.

Nepal and Tibet were countries that spoke straight to my imagination. I've been several times in Nepal and Tibet and would love to go again. The love came all from Tibet and Nepal travel guides, especially those about the far away areas like west Tibet, the kingdom of Mustang and more accessible: the region of Pokara. Nepal and Tibet, my heart has always been there.

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