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About Nakhon Sawan, Sing Buri, Lop Buri and the road to Ayutthaya

After Kamphaeng Phet I went to Nakhon Sawan. Although for the most cycling in central Thailand is not very inspiring, it IS for the most very pleasant with the exception I disobeyed rule number 1 in cycling: eat on time!

Storks in the trees on the way to Sing Buri

Storks in the trees on the way to Sing Buri
All along the roads from Sukhothai to Bangkok you
can see many storks, a truly beautiful sight.

I left Kamphaeng Phet using the 1084 and later the 1182, the continuation of the 1084. This road was quiet as on the other side of the river the highway connects  Nakhon Sawan with Bangkok.

It was a hot day and when I could eat, I wasn't hungry and when I finally started to get hungry there wasn't anything available.

Finally in Banpot Phisai, I found a good noodle shop and refreshed I went back on the road. Another 20 km further I got flat, repaired the tube, checked the tire and...2 km further I got a sisser and just before Nakhon Sawan the tube gave up.

Nakhon Sawan was not very inspiring. Probably the most exciting was the university where the temple looked nice enough. I saw several hotels in the city but decided to stay cheap. There is no need to book anything in advance, not even in the high season. However, if you insist and want to know what you can expect, check these links:

Temple in Nakhon Sawan
Temple in Nakhon Sawan

The road to Sing Buri

I didn't feel much regret when I left town the next morning. Unfortunately there was only one way out of town: Highway 1, a busy 4 lane road. I hoped I would be able to get off this road after some 30 km's to find the road to Chai Nat.

A few km before Chai Nat
A few km before Chai Nat, 4-6 lane roads but here
there was fortunately not a lot of traffic

Exotissimo: Individually customized & unforgettable travel experiences in ThailandAlthough I missed the correct junction at first, and cycled along the river on a small road for some kilometers, I came back on Highway 1 but shortly after I was on the road to Chai Nat, another 4 lane road but at least it was less busy.

It was tempting to stay a night in Chai Nat, despite that there was little reason to stay here.

And Sing Buri was not far. So I left again and via the dam I was back on the 311, to my surprise a reasonable quiet road.

When I entered Sing Buri, I found a bicycle shop to get a few spare tubes.

A hotel and the night market were quick found but the night market didn't offer much food. Fortunately opposite of the hotel there was a fried noodle stall.

Sing Buri had little to offer, even the hotel was miserable. I had however a very nice dinner. But when I left the next morning I felt little regret and no need to ever come back.

Out on the way from Sing Buri to Ang Thong
Out on the way from Sing Buri to Ang Thong

The road to Ayutthaya

Lop Buri is not far, only 30km or so. I have been in Lop Buri some years ago and was not particularly impressed. So I skipped it this time. Instead I went straight south to Ayutthaya following the 309.

Sing Buri to Pho Thong, Ang Thong and Ayutthaya
A little road with no road signs through the Thai countryside to Pho Thong.

Soon however I found a small road with a sign for Ang Thong, which was the city I anyway would have to pass. This small road turned out to be VERY small and very nice, partly under construction. The road led me to Pho Thong, a small town close to Ang Thong.

I had lunch in Ang Thong and found the more quiet 309 to Ayutthaya. It was an uninspiring ride of 33 km. There was amazingly little to see, not too much traffic and few villages for a refill.

Accommodation in Ayutthaya

As a popular travelers destination for locals and international travelers alike, there is plenty of accommodation in all price ranges available.

When I visited Ayutthaya in February 2012 I stayed in Prom Tong Mansions. On arrival I heard there was only one room left. All the others were taking already by internet bookings. I had a very nice and cheap room, see photo below.

My room in the Prom Tong Mansions
My room in the Prom Tong Mansions

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