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Mycenae is located not far from Corinth (48km north) and Argos (11km south). Needless to say when I cycled from Olympia in the west of the Peloponnesus I made a visit to this ancient site. It's indeed ancient, the first remains of human activity found dates back around 2000BC but it's likely humans were roaming the land much earlier.

Mycenae, east Peloponnesus in Greece Mycenae, east Peloponnesus in Greece

Only about 700-800 years (1350BC) later the city walls were being build. The archaeological findings show there was trade with for example Ancient Egypt.

A few 100 years the power of Mycenae declined and eventually complete collapsed. There are several theories why but none has delivered proof what really happened.

Theories include a Dorian invasion, a severe drought, earthquakes and attacks of sea people who destroyed the Hittite Empire  and then attacked Egypt.

Mycenae never regained it's former power and glory after the late Hellenistic period (1200BC). The city was still there but the art and craftsmanship all declined and the city reduced in size although the main citadel remained occupied.

And it's this citadel you might want to visit these days. Even in Roman times it was already a tourist attraction!

Getting There

Mycenae is easy to reach from Corinth, which is only 48km north. You can also follow the same road I cycled through the Peloponnesus, which is the road from Pirgos to Olympia and Tripoli. From there you can take the direction to Argos, where you can stay.

Mycenae, east Peloponnesus
City walls of the ancient city

It is possible to do a day trip from Athens but it would be good to combine that with visits to Epidaurus and Corinth. To safe time, you could check this day trip from Athens which includes Mycenae and Epidaurus.


There is accommodation in Mycenae available. Tripadvisor offer some hotels and there is a camping ground with proper facilities available.

Alternatively you could stay in Argos, the city 11 km south of the ancient site. You could also visit the amphitheater of Argos which is nearby.

Places to stay in Argos here with Tripadvisor and

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The old ruined city of Corinth is worth your attention. It's not because there is a lot of great buildings left but it's because there is a very long, 8000 years piece of human history left. And the remains are still impressive.

The road to Olympia

North Peloponnesus is worth exploring. Of course Olympia, where the original Olympic Games were held is an obvious must visit sight but on the whole, I found Peloponnesus a very pleasant experience.


Terrific day trip from Corinth. The amphitheater is one of the best preserved theatres of Antiquity.