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Myanmar photos

The Myanmar photos show some of the beauty of Myanmar or Burma. There's a lot to see and a lot of good people to meet. The political situation however is not so nice.

Female monks in Yangon
Female monks in Yangon, Myanmar

The elected Aung San Suu Kyi is still living under house arrest in Yangon. Although she firmly discourages people to visit Myanmar (Burma), I think many of the ordinary people I met like foreigners to visit their country.

It makes sense. The country is beautiful, there's a lot of culture, very friendly people and it also gives the world an opportunity to see in effect what is going on in Myanmar.

Myanmar is a Buddhist country with a long and rich history. Like in Cambodia and Thailand most of the ancient buildings are religious of nature. This page may load a bit slow as it is photos only so please be patient.

Irrawaddy River in Mynmar 
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Village life in Myanmar Burmese Temple Myanmar Monks in Mandalay Myanmar People in Yangon checking my book Mandalay Burma
Inside a pagoda in Mandalay Myanmar Schwedagon Pagoda Yangon Village life Burma Yangon Myanmar

Pagoda in Myanmar 
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Handicraft in Inle Lake Myanmar Myanmar Monk in Inle Lake Waterfall Mandalay Burma
Minority people Inle Lake Myanmar Myanmar Pagoda Yangon Road in Myanmar

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The main city in central Myanmar is Mandalay. There are a few good things to see in the city, but around the city is as impressive.




Yangon (Rangoon)
The brother city of Bangkok, some call it. True or not, it is still a surprisingly relaxed city.