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Inle Lake photos
With Taunggyi, Taunggnyi and the floating market

Inle Lake photos will show you more about this fascinating part of east Myanmar (Burma). It is very different from the rest of the country. This has to do with the people who are mostly minority. The area has had its share of problems over the years. The Shan and Karen states have been fighting the military for years. It seems to be more quiet nowadays.

Leg rower in the lake
Leg rower in the lake

The climate is also different from other areas in Myanmar. It's cooler and in the wet season traveling here can be a serious problem.

Here's a selection of Inle Lake photos I made during my visit. It's not just on the lake but also in some of the surrounding villages of Taungnyi (not to be confused with Taunggyi).

What you should do is get a boat and get into the lake. There are spectacular little villages top be visited.

You'll see the legrowers, ferries with a dozen people or more standing and waiting to cross. It's an amazingly beautiful and busy sight.

Inle Lake, travel by boat
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Village around Inle Lake Market north of Taungghi Market in Uwama Village at the lake

The lake is a place most travelers visit. Far less go north of Taunggni and see the market there. I couldn't resist to add a few Inle Lake photos of that particular market because it shows the conditions the people here live in.

Market Taunggyi

It had been raining when I was there. This means that the roads had transformed in a mud bath. At some points, the road was so muddy, you would go ankle deep or more. But next to the road men say quietly smoking or simply with their merchandise waiting for people who needed their veggie, fruits or hard ware.

Inle Lake,  floating market
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Phe Chaung monastery People live in the middle of Inle Lake Market north of Taunggni Near the floating market at Inle Lake

But regardless the living conditions of many in higher mountain villages few would want to change it for a life in a city. These people are not just living in the mountains, they're part of the mountains and the lake as much as the lake and mountains are part of them.

Taunggyi Inle Lake Myanmar

The interesting thing here is that you will find these hill tribe people not just here in Karen and Shan State, but it goes beyond the borders into Thailand (not surprising this generate border conflicts) and Laos. In reality, you can find these tribes all the way to further in Laos (Muang Sing) and North Vietnam (Sapa).

Market north of Taungnyi

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Inle Lake

East Burma, towards the Thai border lies Inle Lake. This magnificent lake houses many minority Karen and Shan people. An absolute must to visit

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