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Bagan photos

Bagan is a beautiful archaeological site. Some would say... more temples.. but I loved it. Here's a selection of photos I made when I was there.

Bagan Temple Myanmar 
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Bagan temple Burma Bagan Myanmar Bagan temple Burma Bagan temple Burma
Bagan temple Myanmar Bagan temple Myanmar Bagan temple Burma Bagan temple Burma

The Bagan area, 10 square km, once was home to over 2500 temples. Most are destroyed by either human activity or nature but there are still many stunning temples left.

Don't think by seeing one, you've seen them all. My Myanmar Bagan photos show only a fraction of the temples. I know, I should go back and make many more photos.

In my opinion, Bagan deserves a place right next to Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Borobudur, Prambanan (Java Indonesia), Khajuraho and the Taj Mahal in India.

The best way to explore the Bagan plains is on bicycle, although many people will prefer bus, taxi or motorbike due to the heat on the plain. Still, on the bicycle you will be able to see even more.

Bagan Myanmar Bagan Myanmar

At the time when I was there, it was very quiet, except in some of the main temple complexes. You might want to run from temple to temple, if you are on a tight schedule, but the Burmese themselves take their time in their life too. So why not join them and take your time to explore this magnificent relics of the high days of Burmese culture.

One thing to me is very clear: Bagan is not "just another temple complex", there's still a lot of pure magic around, it's up to you to find it

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